• A Message From The Institute Director



This year’s institute has been a work in progress for at least two years. Classes have been curated from a large list of offerings to be varied and useful.

The theme “Pianos, A Life” represents how pianos more than just provide a job. For many of us, pianos are in our blood. They provide more than a career and a livelihood. They intrigue us, we study their design and history. We invent new and innovative ways to improve them and tools to do the job. They are a vehicle for which we, and especially our customers, make music.

PTG has an amazing tradition of sharing our knowledge. We then take that knowledge and use our abilities to apply and execute it in our own individual ways. Along with the knowledge of repair methods or business concepts, this year, we will also share some collective wisdom on how piano work affects our lives.

I have asked the teachers to teach from that place of gratitude and communicate how we can integrate the skills we use in piano work into the rest of our lives.

The Institute Team is a hard-working bunch of volunteers who have worked all year to make sure these classes are scheduled, set up correctly, have the pianos and other equipment they need  - all so you, our attendees have a great experience.  Thank you to Ashley Turner, RPT, Douglas Laing, RPT, Ingrid Kraft, RPT, and of course Bruce Stevens, RPT, who again has been invaluable with advise and will be in charge of AV and classroom set-up. A Special thanks to Sandy Roady of the Home Office who keeps us on track and lets us think we’re in charge.

Lisa Weller, RPT
2017 St Louis Institute Director