Looking for practice room lights that don't buzz

By Jessica Masse posted 05-17-2014 23:03

Just wondering if any one has found any florescent ceiling lights suitable for a practice room and studio that don't buzz or if anyone knows how to get them to stop buzzing.  The trombone studio had the ceiling lights removed and in most rooms one note or another will start the light fixture to buzz.  Would like a solution before the school adds a new wing. 




08-20-2015 22:57

Our band room replaced all their ballasts & the buzzing stopped. Not sure that's a guarantee it will work every time but it did for us.

06-24-2014 00:31

The new LED lights seem to have reached a level of price/durability/good color that makes me want to look them over very carefully if one is planning a room lighting fixture change. Better quality light. Less energy use long term because of materials and durability.