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   RE: When did pianos start losing dampers?
 From: Israel Stein
 Posted: 10-21-2015 05:03


Fortepiano copy builders preferred the Walter design to that of Stein, because Walter introduced the check-rail which held individual backchecks for all the hammers, while Stein expected the hammers to check on the edge of the wrestplank (pinblock to us) - a rather awkward and undependable mechanism. Kipnis had a check rail installed in his 1799 Graebner - you could tell it was a later addition, since it was made of aluminum... :-)

Whatever happened to Phillip Belt? He sort of disappeared from the scene just as the "original instrument" really heated up in the early 90's... 

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Sent: 10-20-2015 21:41
From: Richard West
Subject: When did pianos start losing dampers?

I am mistaken on the original builder that was the source for the UNL fortepiano. It's a Walter copy. UNL hired Philip Belt to build the reproduction back in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Belt was quite a colorful character and came to Lincoln when the fortepiano was first delivered.

Richard West

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