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   RE: Restrung square grand tuning pitch
 From: Chris Chernobieff
 To: Pianotech
 Posted: 03-08-2018 14:20
Why do you feel the liability is yours? I propose that you are not communicating to the customer properly. What do THEY want? 
All squares are different, some are heavily framed, some are lightly framed. If it had one crossbar, I would go low on pitch generally. If it had two or more I went for it, and have never had a breakage(knock on wood). Mathuschek were heavily framed as an example. I have rebuilt a Steinway square and tuned it to A-440 with no problem. I think Knabe squares were the best sounding, but that's another topic.

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Hey everyone. I have rejoined the PTG after a hiatus. I want to thank all who reply because I have learned as much from following the forums as from any of the other source.
The issue:
I was asked to tune up and antique square grand. It's an 1878 Steinway,,, pretty much intact and has had new wire put on it.
I have no idea if the tension of the new wire at 440 is greater than what was original. I have no desire to snap a plate.

What would the general safe zone be?
I'm thinking I could go to 432 but maybe I should go a note flat. A half step. Tune the A# to 440.

Keith Roberts
Hathaway Pines CA

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