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   RE: Yamaha GH1 scale
 From: Ryan Sowers
 To: Pianotech
 Posted: 12-05-2017 21:51
 Message: Del Fandrich and I did one of these for one of my clients a few years ago with reasonably good results. I believe we had to add at least one hitch pin to the plate. We kept the original trichord agraffs, and just used the outside holes. The trichord dampers worked fine as bichord dampers.

Del also installed a pretty hefty brass weight to the underside of the end of the bridge to help lower the volume and increase the sustain of those last couple of notes.

A key part of these types of jobs is lowering the client's explanation. Del was clear to tell the client that the problem won't be fixed, but it will be "less bad".

Ryan Sowers
Olympia WA
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Sent: 12-05-2017 20:15
From: Ed Sutton
Subject: Yamaha GH1 scale

I've had good results rescaling several foreshortened scale pianos, adding wrapped strings to the low tenor.
If you have a Windows computer, ScaleRipper is an old shareware program that is easy to use, and lets you substitute wrapped strings.
James Arledge can rescale for you, and probably has scales for GH-1.

Ed Sutton
(980) 254-7413

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Sent: 12-05-2017 11:00
From: Nate Reyburn
Subject: Yamaha GH1 scale

Hi everybody,

I'm sitting at a Yamaha GH1 B from the late/mid 80s (448XXXX SN). It has the issue universal to these pianos where the notes on the bottom treble don't tonally match the rest of the instrument. They're producing an offensive "bong" sound. It's beyond what simple needles or anything dissolved in lacquer can fix. This is a scaling problem.

I seem to remember that there's a known scale adjustment that can be done here by changing out some of the bottom tenor bridge trichords for bichords (and agraffes/dampers as well). Does anyone have scaling or other info on this?

Nate Reyburn, RPT


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