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   RE: Yamaha GH1 scale
 From: Nate Reyburn
 To: Pianotech
 Posted: 12-07-2017 17:35
 Message: Thanks for the info. Following up on this with Alredge. If there's known drop-in strings that help dramatically, that would be a great way to go.

FWIW, this is a customer piano and there are complaints about that area of the piano.

Is there more info on the short auxilarry rib or weight addition, Del?

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Sent: 12-06-2017 12:16
From: Larry Messerly
Subject: Yamaha GH1 scale

Important information missing. Is this Nate's piano or a client's piano? Is the customer complaining?

Larry Messerly, RPT
Bringing Harmony to Homes

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Sent: 12-06-2017 01:31
From: Delwin Fandrich
Subject: Yamaha GH1 scale

Doing it now, I would also add a short auxiliary rib.


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Del Fandrich and I did one of these for one of my clients a few years ago with reasonably good results. I believe we had to add at least one hitch pin to the plate. We kept the original trichord agraffs, and just used the outside holes. The trichord dampers worked fine as bichord dampers.

Del also installed a pretty hefty brass weight to the underside of the end of the bridge to help lower the volume and increase the sustain of those last couple of notes.

A key part of these types of jobs is lowering the client's explanation. Del was clear to tell the client that the problem won't be fixed, but it will be "less bad".

Ryan Sowers
Olympia WA

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