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   Restrung square grand tuning pitch
 From: Keith Roberts
 To: Pianotech
 Posted: 03-08-2018 13:52
 Message: Hey everyone. I have rejoined the PTG after a hiatus. I want to thank all who reply because I have learned as much from following the forums as from any of the other source.
The issue:
I was asked to tune up and antique square grand. It's an 1878 Steinway,,, pretty much intact and has had new wire put on it.
I have no idea if the tension of the new wire at 440 is greater than what was original. I have no desire to snap a plate.

What would the general safe zone be?
I'm thinking I could go to 432 but maybe I should go a note flat. A half step. Tune the A# to 440.

Keith Roberts
Hathaway Pines CA

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