Richard Feynman & Ron Nossaman would have enjoyed each other

  • 1.  Richard Feynman & Ron Nossaman would have enjoyed each other

    Posted 11-26-2017 22:44
    Web surfing on Only Pure and Pure 12th tuning I came upon a December 2009 article published in Physics Today about a July, 1961 letter that physicist Richard Feynman wrote to his piano tuner, Howard McQuigg, regarding tuning theory and inharmonicity. Fascinating reading, even if you can't understand the math that Feynman is using. And I certainly can't. Given what Feynman is talking about, and the accompanying box-article about how a piano is tuned, I think that Ron Nossaman and Richard Feynman would have been great friends. Feynman passed in 1988 and McQuigg passed in 2002. Ron, just this year. How wonderful if they could have had the opportunity of learning about the discoveries regarding tuning theory and inharmonicity as a result of the technology that has made the marvels of today's ETD devices extraordinarily accurate and useful devices.


    Please understand that I don't want this to turn in to an aural vs ETD tuning discussion. If it turns in to a discussion at all. My observation about ETD technology is that it has allowed us to more accurately understand inharmonicity for what it is and how it effects our tunings, aural or electronic.

    Geoff Sykes, RPT
    Los Angeles CA