Topic: Treble bridge andsound board 

1.  Treble bridge andsound board

Posted 02-20-2018 15:32
gyJBvFumRYu86qDnGkEn_20180220_203226_resized  a.jpg​​There is some visible glue on the ends of treble bridge and sound board as per the attached pictures.
Is this s sign of a repair.

Lakmal Alwis

2.  RE: Treble bridge andsound board

Posted 02-20-2018 18:23
Just sloppy belly work. When the glue is fresh amateurs think that getting the glue off with a rag as quickly as possible  is what you do. But Nay! Waiting patiently until the glue is just right, then it comes off easily without a trace using a chisel. Looks like they waited and forgot.
It also looks like the strings need to be seated.

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