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Reaming Agraffes with Steel Inserts

  • 1.  Reaming Agraffes with Steel Inserts

    Posted 02-15-2018 18:35
    I routinely polish, lacquer and ream agraffes when I restring, using the agraffe reamer from Pianotek (AR-12).

    For the first time today I ran into a set of agraffes with a steel insert running horizontally through the agraffe immediately above the string holes.  I have read in older posts that the steel is not necessarily much harder than the brass, so maybe I could ream as usual.  However, it seems to make sense to me to throw the question out here on Pianotech before proceeding.

    So here's the question.  Will I regret reaming these agraffes in the way to which I am accustomed?  Is there a better path forward?

    The piano is a 1921 Nordheimer.

    Floyd Gadd
    Regina SK

  • 2.  RE: Reaming Agraffes with Steel Inserts

    Posted 02-15-2018 19:23
    Keep in mind any reaming into a hole that has two different hardness's as described, the reamer will favor cutting into the softer material. This could pose a problem. Have you considered replacing them?

  • 3.  RE: Reaming Agraffes with Steel Inserts

    Posted 02-15-2018 20:50
    Look at the profile with a magnifying glass. Does it need dressing?


    Jon Page

  • 4.  RE: Reaming Agraffes with Steel Inserts

    Posted 02-26-2018 00:46
    Why are you interested in "reaming" them? We commonly do this because the brass agraffe has worn (deformed) and created flats that can (often do) lead to buzzing, etc. The steel insert was supposed to eliminate this. 

    I doubt you'll be able to ream them using any of the traditional methods. If there is a problem with the inserts I suppose you might consider replacing them. If you can find a soft iron or steel wire of the appropriate diameter you might be able to press out the original insert and press in a new one. 


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