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Young Chang
8 7 minutes ago by Garret Traylor
backpack tool bag
10 29 minutes ago by Kevin Fortenberry
Hammer Softener Applications
19 11 hours ago by Susan Kline
Bass Line Executed with Left Foot
4 22 hours ago by Larry Fisher
Steinway question
2 2 days ago by Susan Kline
Vacuum Recommendation Request
11 2 days ago by Kevin Fortenberry
No down bearing in Stuart and Phoenix?
15 2 days ago by David Skolnik
Thank you for sharing
6 3 days ago by Jim Fariss
Good re-stringing article?
3 3 days ago by Karl Roeder
Determining dimensions of missing wound bichord
14 3 days ago by Brian De Tar
Yamaha C3 treble bridge replacement
4 3 days ago by Giovanni Voltaggio
Steinway B - Damper Noise
8 5 days ago by Susan Kline
With new Stwy Back Action, No Backcheck Clearance
5 5 days ago by Chris Solliday
Piano brand experience.
10 6 days ago by Blaine Hebert
Knabe Grand Build Date
9 7 days ago by James Kelly
Voicing back the C7
22 8 days ago by Phil Bondi
Bedding the keyframe
10 9 days ago by Jon Page
A question for Ron who is, unfortunately, no longer here.
74 9 days ago by David Love
Tool bags - Reviving that age old question
18 10 days ago by Richard Butler
Palmetto Chapter meeting 3/20
1 11 days ago by Paul Williams
Anyone ever seen one of these?
11 12 days ago by Delwin Fandrich
Steinway Grand Tuning Pin Torques and Heights
6 13 days ago by Peter Grey
Shop Amazon today, March 16th, and help PTGF
0 13 days ago by Joyce Meekins
Modern Piano Moving
1 14 days ago by Geoff Sykes
Grand Piano Practice Rail
1 14 days ago by Bruce Dornfeld
Steinway Grand Model & Date
5 14 days ago by Claude Harding
LAST CHANCE - SoCal Seminar 3/18 - 3/19
0 15 days ago by William Shull
1905 straight strung upright Broadwood
7 15 days ago by Michael Gamble
installing pre-hung hammers, shanks, flanges
20 15 days ago by Benjamin Sloane
noise cancelling headphones
23 16 days ago by Michael Gamble
Broken Steinway Pressure Bar
1 17 days ago by Keith Akins
Upright stage dolly question
13 18 days ago by Michael Gamble
Sordino Pedal
4 19 days ago by Dwight Denzer
Hand filing hammers vs using a jig
15 19 days ago by Paul Klaus
Have someone who needs a cracked plate repaired (Steinway "L")
3 19 days ago by Keith Akins
Palmetto Chapter meeting 3/20
2 19 days ago by A. Carl Eisenstadt
Yamaha P22 query
4 20 days ago by Kevin Fortenberry
Fixing a Hole
3 21 days ago by Chris Chernobieff
Carrier Pigeons
2 21 days ago by Larry Fisher
string lifting tool wanted
11 22 days ago by Ryan Sowers
Replacing Stein action with conventional???
3 22 days ago by Mario Igrec
Montal video available online
1 23 days ago by Edward McMorrow
Dale Probst
12 25 days ago by Ruth Zeiner
BAldwin Serial Number
1 26 days ago by Willem Blees
Steam Voicing
29 27 days ago by Susan Kline
A Fischer Petite Grand Rescale
0 28 days ago by Chris Chernobieff
Riddle me this...
6 29 days ago by George W. R. Davis
Cracked Plate in Tuning Pin Field
11 one month ago by Ron Bergeron
Loss of sustain with application of CA to treble bridge pins
17 one month ago by Ron Bergeron
Piano Horse, etc.
0 one month ago by Philip Jamison