Past Exhibits

Bell Organ Victorian Upright

This piano was built in Guelph, Ontario, Canada in 1895. The name on the fallboard is Bell Organ & Piano Co. When the company was established in 1864, the made organs and melodeons. Later in 1895, William Bell took control of the company and it became known as W. Bell & Co.

Pratt Read Spinet 64 K Piano

Pratt Read began making buttons, billiard balls, and beads from ivory tusks in Ivoryton, Connecticut. They specialized in piano keytops and eventually became the largest piano action maker in the United States. This instrument is dated 8/23/45, and was built in 1945. It was on loan from Jack Wyatt.  Click for more photos.

14. AH Gale Square

his Adam H. Gale square piano was built in New York City in 1848. The serial number is 2461. This piano was on loan to us by Jack Wyatt.

Tom Thumb Player