Tuning and Repair Manuals

This is a bibliography of tuning and repair manuals that are over 100 years old, providing the opportunity to trace the history of our profession. Links are provided for those that are available as downloadable scans.

1830 original? (1853 6th edition) Hamilton’s Practical Introduction to the Art of Tuning the Piano-forte,
Written for persons desirous of tuning their own instruments; with a mathematical demonstration of the theory of equal temperament; observations on sound, vibrating strings and the monochord; some account of Earl Stancope’s principles of tuning instruments with fixed tones; with a list of authors who have written on temperament; to which are added observations on the several parts of the pianoforte (particularly of the cottage, semi-cottage, and piccolo) its mechanism and the method of remedying its defects; as also some historical notices; instructions for the preservation and maintenance of he Pianoforte, etc. etc. New Edition, greatly enlarged and improved by Joseph Warren. London: Robert Cocks, 1853

1835 original? 1853, The Tuner’s Guide: Containing a complete treatise on tuning the piano-forte, organ, melodeon, and seraphin, together with a specification of defects and they remedies. Boston : Oliver Ditson. 1853

1836, Montal, Claude : L'Art d'accorder soi-même son piano. Paris : Meissonier, 1836. 
[The Art of tuning your own piano yourself]

1836, Thon, C.F.G. :  Abhandlung über Klavier-Saiten-Instrumente, insbesonderheit der Forte-Pianos und Flügel, deren Ankauf, Beurtheilung, Behandlung, Erhaltung und Stimmung. Ein nothwendiges Handbuch für Organisten und Schullehrer. 2. Aufl. Weimar: Voigt 1836.

[Treatise on keyboard string instruments, especially forte-pianos and grand pianos, their purchase, assessment, treatment, maintenance and tuning. A necessary manual for organists and school teachers.] 

1855,  Armellino, Giorgio : Manuel simplifié de l'accordeur, ou L'art d'accorder les pianos mis à la portée de tout le monde. Paris : Roret, 1855.

1865, Montal, Claude : L'Art d'accorder soi-même son piano. Paris : Gérard et Cie., 1865.
[The Art of tuning your own piano yourself]

1881, Daniell, Charles Addison : The true Piano-tuner : containing simple directions for tuning, regulating, and remedying defects of the piano-forte, together with a description of the theory of sound, also concise instructions for tuning reed organs, melodeons, and organettes. Cincinnati : J. Church & Co., 1881

1887, Norton, Edward Quincy : Construction, Tuning and Care of the Piano-forte: A Book for Tuners, Dealers, Teachers, and Owners of Pianos and Organs.  Boston: Oliver Ditson, 1887.

1891, Spillane, Daniel : The piano. Scientific, technical, and practical instructions relating to tuning, regulating, and toning. New York, E. L. Bill, 1891.

1902, Nugues, E., Pouget. H. C, et Martin, CH. : Manuel pratique de l'accordeur de pianos et harmoniums : traitant de l'accord et de la réparation de ces instruments : contenant en outre des principes élémentaires d'acoustique et différents procédés de travail. Paris : H. Langlois, 1902.

1913, English translation of the above :

Nugues, E., Pouget, H.C., Martin, Ch. : Practical manual for the piano and harmonium tuner ; a treatise on the tuning and repair of these instruments containing in addition elementary principles of acoustics and different working methods. Paris : Leon Pinet, 1913.

1907, Fischer, J. Cree : Piano Tuning: A Simple and Accurate Method for Amateurs. Philadelphia: Theo. Presser, 1907.

1917, White, William Braid: Modern piano tuning and allied arts : including principles and practice of piano tuning, regulation of piano action, repair of the piano, elementary principles of player-piano pneumatics, general construction of player mechanisms, and repair of player mechanism. New York : E. L. Bill, 1917.