Mr. Benjamin Sloane

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Benjamin Sloane began his experience with the piano as a toddler, receiving instruction in piano performance from his mother. Soon after his family migrated to Oberlin for his father to participate as director of the piano technology department at Oberlin College, he began studying with students and faculty at the school, and at the age of 14, was hired under the supervision of his father to be part of the piano technology program. He continued employment at Oberlin College for over 10 years, and when accepted as a piano performance major at Nyack College in New York, continued his work at Oberlin College as a piano technician in the summer. Soon after completing an undergraduate degree in piano performance, he participated in the Aspen Music Festival piano technology program. He returned to Ohio, and in Cincinnati, began a relationship with the College Conservatory of Music at University of Cincinnati as a student of the late Richard Morris, and as a piano technician, again, one that lasted for over a decade. Currently, he has devoted himself to self-employment in piano technology, and continues his relationship with educators and performers in a variety of venues, most notably, Asbury University.