Institute Team Class Picks

Ashley Turner

(E) Casting the Plate — Shawn Hoar, Connecticut Chapter
(B) It’s Not Up to You — Bill Monroe, RPT, Madison, WI Chapter
(E) Tuning: Dialogue with David Andersen — David Andersen, South Bay, CA Chapter

Douglas Liang

(A) Hybrid Wire Scaling Protocols — Ed McMorrow, RPT, Seattle, WA Chapter
(E) To Player or Not to Player — Matt Hirschfelder, Portland, OR Chapter
(E) Voicing Without Needles — Zhiwei Huang, RPT, San Francisco Chapter

Ingrid Kraft (E) The Dangers We Face — Blaine Hebert, RPT, Los Angeles, CA Chapter
(E) Hearing Aids and Our Clients — Joe Garrett, RPT, Portland, OR Chapter
(I) How Piano Dampers Work — Del Fandrich, RPT, Puget Sound, WA Chapter
Robin Olson (I,A) Progressive Approach to Agraffe Repair — Mike Ello, RPT, Houston, TX Chapter
(I,A) Tun. Hammer Techniques & A Little About the Human Ear — Schandall, RPT, NYC Chptr
(E) Turbocharging Your Service Call — Jim Busby, RPT, Utah Valley Chapter
Philip Stewart

(E) Jumpstart Your Business ­Tim Barnes, RPT, The Gazelle Network
(E) Regulation Without the Numbers Alan Zajicek, RPT, Chicago, IL Chapter
(I) Working With Hammers Dale Erwin, RPT & Jacob Erwin, Erwin's Piano Restoration Inc

Bruce Stevens (I,A) Grand Balancing Act - Action Weigh-Off Simplified — Bruce Stevens, RPT, South Bay, CA Chapter & David Vanderlip, RPT, Orange County, CA Chapter
(I,A) Rebuilder’s Grab Bag, Chapter 2 — David Hughes, RPT, Baltimore, MD Chapter
(E) Respectfully Refining the Steinway Piano — Jude Reveley, RPT, Boston, MA Chapter