Drop-in Shop


As independent technicians we typically work alone, rarely getting a chance to “see how everybody else does it”. Well that shortcoming is a thing of the past at the Lancaster 2018 Drop-In Shop! Four of PTG’s savviest shop hounds will be doing their thing all day Friday in the same room as Competency Playground. No PowerPoint programs here - this ballroom will overflow with observational and hands-on reimagining, reinventing, and rebuilding. You’re free to hang around each technician’s workstation as long as you wish, ask any questions relevant to the task at hand, and you may even get invited to roll your sleeves up and jump in – it’s up to you! Don’t be shy; these guys welcome technicians of all experience and skill levels, with patience and understanding being the rule of the day. Here’s what’s going to go down:

 Jim Kelly will let you try special tools such as scopes, moisture detection equipment, electronic stethoscopes, iPhones, and iPads that are useful to any field or shop technician. He’ll also restore several flood damaged keysticks from a Hardman Peck grand, and demonstrate how the new WNG anodized key pins are installed in the key frame.

And from Ken Eschete, RPT: “Want to know how to recap a bridge or make a soundboard? Watch me as I demonstrate the complete process using practice jigs from the Bellyman Certification Program online courses.”  Ken may also do a full-fit pin block at the end of the day!

Also, join rebuilder Phil Stewart as he hangs a set of grand hammers. Phil will begin with an unopened box of hammers and a new set of WNG shanks, and before long he’ll end up with an action ready to regulate, demonstrating every step along the way. 

David Hughes, RPT will install a set of dampers in a Steinway grand piano. This will be a wire bending bonanza, but feel free to ask anything along the way about the instrument’s pedal lyre, trapwork, damper tray, upstop rails, and guide rail bushings.