• 1.  Challis - Finale

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 07-18-2016 15:25

    Bringing the Challis up to great condition has been a journey and now hopefully it will find a good home. I had an open house yesterday and invited local harpsichordists and organists to give it a try. As my playing abilities are feeble, it was great to hear the instrument under capable hands.

    As mentioned in a previous post, I decided to keep the 16’ choir. For now at least I think I made the right choice. Everyone at the open house really liked what the 16’ adds to the tonal palate. I’m certain I made the right choice in using Delrin for the plectra. Since my last post I thinned down the plectra just a bit more. The result is an easier action and not quite as big in dynamics as before. For sure, it still has that big sound that a Challis will produce. The half hitch on the pedal stops creates a subtle difference in volume and everyone appreciated that feature.

    I finally was able to get a replacement for that 16’ string. Anne Acker said to give Mapes another try and this time I spoke to the right person. Frank Schaff was able to produce what I needed and the string is holding well.

    Overall, lots of good reviews at the open house but alas, no sale. I expect it may take some time to find the right home for this instrument. If you know of anyone looking for a Challis single manual you know where to send him or her!



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