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  • 1.  Harpsichord key cleaning

    Posted 09-02-2020 10:36

    What are you all using to clean harpsichord keys during this time of COVID-19?  I know that hydrogen peroxide is safe for plastic piano keys but how about wooden harpsichord and clavichord keys?

    Thank you!

    Sheila Hunter, RPT
    Winston Salem NC

  • 2.  RE: Harpsichord key cleaning

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 09-02-2020 11:22
    I would use mild soap and water, as always. Not too wet, don’t leave wet too long. Damp rag, follow with dry.

    Peroxide is just water with a small amount of H2O2 (3% is normal off the shelf). That acts as a mild bleach, breaking down dyes (oxidizing them). So it is likely to make the color of wooden keys lighter, and if not applied carefully may leave mottled areas. I’d say alcohol would be preferable, less risky. Unless you have plastic keys.

    Fred Sturm
    University of New Mexico
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