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  • 1.  Neupert " Bach" for Sale

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    Posted 02-13-2017 11:44

    I am posting this here rather than the Parts Community 

    Neupert Harpsichord circa 1960 For Sale

    From Neupert records.

    The harpsichord Nr. 20021 is according to our books an instrument of our model

    “Bach”. Its parts were delivered in 1959 to the English harpsichord maker John Feldberg and completed by him in the 1960's and purchased by a New York City, USA historical music artist.   

    NEUPERT harpsichord "Bach" | J. C. NEUPERT

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    NEUPERT harpsichord "Bach" | J. C. NEUPERT
    At the time of the conception of this instrument during the 1930s NEUPERT had two points of reference. Firstly, the so called "Bach-Harpsichord" (no. 316 of the Berlin museum), which was presumed originally to have been in the possession of J.S. Bach (and which was, according to our present knowledge, at least in the vicinity of J.S.
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    Instrument was used for recordings at SUNY - Purchase as well as various performances through the NYC metropolitan area back in the '80's. 

    The artist, traded this instrument (bartered) in exchange for full upgrade & restoration of her S&S B action. 

    Instrument needs a thorough cleaning and overhaul from a performance need.  The board is good. Cabinet has a bit of wear & tear. Cosmetically in good-decent condition.

    Neupert Harpsichord, Bach concert model

    • Handmade in made in Germany
    • Early 70's model
    • Double manual
    • 16, 8ft lower manual
    • 8, 4ft upper manual
    • Coupler
    • Matching stool

      For Reference: New price is $69 995 -  Have seen online "music store " prices range  $3,000 - 18,000

     Offering it here first, before contacting Harpsichord Exchange. Happy to send specific photos to anyone seriously wanting to purchase this instrument. A reasonable offer will be considered. Transportation will be need to be provided for additional cost. Located in PA.

    Gerald P. Cousins, RPT ~ Director of Piano Service and Resources
    West Chester University of PA