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Gauge and stringing schedule for 16ft choir

  • 1.  Gauge and stringing schedule for 16ft choir

    Posted 06-16-2017 16:11
    I am trying to produce a Gauge and string schedule for a 16ft choir on a Neale H'chord which I am working on. The strings were Brass for the bottom two 8ves (none were covered like in the 2 manual Goble at Glyndebourne) and steel thereafter. The length of the strings for the bottom 8ve. are:
    FF   - 2135mm
    FF# - 2128mm
    GG  - 2120mm
    GG# - 2110mm
    AA   - 2100mm
    AA# - 2087mm
    BB  -  2072mm
    C  -    2058mm
    C#  -  2035mm
    D    -  2003mm
    E    -  1965mm
    F    -  1933mm

    I can produce all lengths, of course, but this gives an indication of the size of the H'chord and is exploratory to find a response!
    I have tried the internet - but can only find info charts on 8ft. and 4ft. choirs - no 16ft. choirs.
    Michael    UK

    Michael Gamble
    semi retired