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Demo of ET against New Tuning, Octave found >2:1

  • 1.  Demo of ET against New Tuning, Octave found >2:1

    Posted 07-11-2018 21:46
    Hi, If you are interested please take a look at a video, its quite raw, but
    I try to illustrate a few scientific papers which "proved beyond any doubt"
    that the octave is about 20 cent larger than 2:1

    It is possible to tune a piano/singing/violin (not ET), sine wave comparison

    I know piano tuning is quite different from any theory, and if I try electronically
    to tune a piano the way as the video, it sounds not so ideal.

    But just for your interest. Please see the quote below.

    On the origin of the enlarged melodic octave - Eilliam Morris Hartmann, J. Acoust. Soc. Am., Vol. 93, No 6, June 1993 "...been repeated many times, with variations, but with no change in conclusions. All studies agree; The octave is enlarged. " OCTAVE DISCRIMINATION: TEMPORAL AND CONTEXTUAL EFFECTS - Lola L. Cuddy and Peter A. Dobbins "...subjective octave and the physical octave was typically in favour of a "stretched" subjective octave about 20 cents wider than the physical octave" Structural and functional asymmetry of lateral Heschl's gyrus reflects pitch perception preference - Peter Schneider, Vanessa Sluming, Neil Roberts, Michael Scherg, Rainer Goebel, Hans J Specht, H Gu¨nter Dosch, Stefan Bleeck, Christoph Stippich & Andr Rupp "...studies show a relative left-hemispheric specialization for rapid tem processing poral whereas right auditory cortex shows a stronger processing sensitivity for spectral and a slower temporal processing mode"

    Linus Liu

  • 2.  RE: Demo of ET against New Tuning, Octave found >2:1

    Posted 07-20-2018 12:11
    Dear Linus,

    Nice to see you from Hong Kong too.

    May be I can try to explain to you about the octave stretching on phone.

    good luck


    Nelson Yum
    fb: music sound keeper
    Hong Kong
    +852 92266982