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Legs or sawhorses?

  • 1.  Legs or sawhorses?

    Posted 02-08-2019 12:02
    Hello all, I was wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of putting a piano on sawhorses vs. leaving it on its legs when you are doing extensive work in the shop (such as soundboard, bridges, etc.).
    Any thoughts or advice?  I have done it both ways.  Thanks!

    Laura Wright, RPT
    Ivory Keys Piano Service
    Durango CO

  • 2.  RE: Legs or sawhorses?

    Posted 02-08-2019 22:18
    When I do full belly the piano is on a cart.

    If I am just replacing pinblock and bridge caps, it stays on its legs except when I glue the new block in. The legs are in the way of the clamps then so I use sawhorses in place of the legs.

    Edward McMorrow
    Edmonds WA