• 1.  Perzina Grand and upright regulation specs

    Posted 14 days ago
    Anyone with a pdf from this manufacturer?On this grands sounding board a decal with “Schwerin set 187”

    Paul Hansen

    Paul Hansen
    Markham ON

  • 2.  RE: Perzina Grand and upright regulation specs

    Posted 10 days ago
    I am always a little bit puzzled when I hear for requests for "specs".
    Just about every piano will tell me what it needs, and I don't think I am a piano whisperer...

    If this is one of the newer Perzinas, made in China, it will have the standard action that we can find in millions of other pianos and that we are familiar with.

    The window of regulation parameters for these pianos (and 98% of all pianos under 120 years old) is actually very narrow.

    We know:
      - Let-off (a given no need for numbers here)
      - dip: nominally 10 mm  (with a typical window of +/- 0.3 mm)

      - Key height:  I disregard the distance to the key bed, as this distance can vary.
     The measurement that really matters here is the height above the key slip.
    And that height is nominally 20 mm (with a possible small variation).
    Sharps 12 mm above naturals.
      - Blow: normally 44 - 46 mm. Just set at 45 mm and look and refine according to the after touch.
    So there you have it - that is all you need to know to get almost all pianos to play.

    To be safe, set up a few sample notes, with naturals and sharps. Set the dip and let off, then dial in the blow distance to get you the right after touch.

    A few tweaks, if the piano tells you so, and you have it.

    No need to write to the manufacturer to get specs. It's not a $200,000 Fazioli. (Although the method described would probably work fine on them as well)

    Jurgen Goering