• 1.  Baldwin Pedal Box

    Posted 12 days ago
    I have a 1927 Baldwin grand in the shop with a butchered pedal box. Baldwins of this vintage had the pedals secured by dowels set into the pedal box. An attempt by yours truly to retrofit new pedals has damaged both the pedal box and the pedals. I recently had another Baldwin grand (1942) in the shop with the later setup with all three pedals mounted on a steel plate. I am wondering if by some chance anyone might happen to have such a pedal plate. I have already tried Ragland which bought all the leftover parts when Baldwin closed the Truman, AR facility. They had the pedals (which I already have), but not the plate. I realize this is a long shot, but before I try to reconstruct the dowel system with more drilling of box and pedals, I thought I would ask. 
    Denis Kelly
    San Anselmo, CA