New Journal Article - Series for Beginning Technician

  • 1.  New Journal Article - Series for Beginning Technician

    Posted 13 days ago
    On page 26, there is a photo of key leads placed on back checks. When I started in the 70's I was instructed not to place the leads like this, as the manufacturer suggested. This places too much weight behind the key and can have a tendency to falsely lift the front of the key higher a bit, to the point of the level being off when the leads are removed. I was instructed to reverse the lead and have the bulk on the face of the back check and the brass clip on the back. This also allows the action to sit further into the action cavity.

    The weight of the repetition is on the capstan and not off the back end of the key stick. So it centers the weight better.

    Also for using a tapered balance hole easing tool, it's easier if you use a gage I made and outlined a while ago. It's in the archives.


    Jon Page