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Damper easing tool

  • 1.  Damper easing tool

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 05-05-2021 09:33
    I read this yesterday in Madeleine L’Engle’s novel THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SUN. At their seaside South Carolina house Stella finds her aunt holding a lighted lamp over the strings of the grand piano. “What are you doing to the piano, Aunt Olivia?” “The dampers stick in the beach damp. I”m trying to dry them out with the lamp.” “You’ll set them on fire. For goodness’ sake be careful,” Aunt Mary Desborough said.

    Good advice, Aunt Mary. Go thou and do likewise.

    Bob Anderson, RPT
    Tucson, AZ

  • 2.  RE: Damper easing tool

    Posted 05-05-2021 11:34
    Ha Ha .. I live on the coast of South Carolina and have seen candle wax on strings, on the plates and many other places. Maybe it was an attempt to drive the moisture out
    I have also encountered bare light bulbs suspended in the space behind the kick panels of uprights, bowls and jars to add moisture and act as humidifiers. Someone even put a small end table lamp.

    Fast forward I have come across all types of jerry rigged dampp chasers and damp king closet
    dehumidifier rods suspended over the strings in a grand piano , dehumidifier rods fitted over keys I am sure there are many such stories out there.

    James Kelly
    Owner- Fur Elise Piano Service
    Pawleys Island SC