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Baldwin Concertmaster

  • 1.  Baldwin Concertmaster

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 04-30-2021 00:48
    Hello all,

    A client just contacted me who wants to sell their 1988 Baldwin 227 Concertmaster player piano. I have booked an appointment to look at it but I have no experience with this system. Was it their own system or a something like a rebranded QRS system? I also don't have much of a sense of how these player systems depreciate in value. Does a system this old even increase the value of the piano?

    Peter Stevenson RPT
    P.S. Piano Service
    Prince George BC

  • 2.  RE: Baldwin Concertmaster

    Posted 04-30-2021 06:58
    It's old technology. They would be able to sell it faster if the player system were removed.
    Are parts still available? What media does it use, still available??

    Player pianos have a very limited secondary market.


    Jon Page

  • 3.  RE: Baldwin Concertmaster

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 05-01-2021 11:11
    Hi Peter           It depends.   The Concertmaster is a really good example of a top-notch player of it's time.  Ask if the owner will demonstrate it for you.  It has square type hard disks; precursor to CDs.  Find out if they have the manual also.  I helped one of my clients sell their Baldwin L with ConcerterMaster that was made in the year 2000.
    It included the entire library of disks.  If the player is in good order and the manual is at hand then what I would be concerned about is the piano movers being smart enough to carefully move the piano so the system continues to work properly at it's next location.  So, you may want to do a little detective work as to how things are plugged into each other; take photos.  Then at the next home, it can be reinspected by you if it does not travel outside your territory.  All of this hand holding is worth a fee.

    Patsi Franklin
    Maitland FL

  • 4.  RE: Baldwin Concertmaster

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 05-03-2021 20:38
    The Baldwin Concertmaster was a QRS system with a Baldwin control head. I worked at Baldwin's corporate retail store, and installed many of them. They can be upgraded with the current QRS Pianomation III processor.

    Roy Peters RPT
    Cincinnati OH