Pinblock/CA glue poll spinoff

  • 1.  Pinblock/CA glue poll spinoff

    Posted 16 days ago
    Wow!  Thanks to all who responded to my previous "poll".  Great information.  We have two from the west coast who have said that they prefer treating ONLY those pins that absolutely will not hold, tuning the piano, and leaving the others for future attention if needed, so I'm trying to ascertain how much (if any) impact geography or climate has upon three variables discovered in my previous "poll":

    1)   Choice/preference of CA glues.   Other than odor, I'm not really sure how much difference there is in these CA formulations, but perhaps it might be useful to know if they exist and if those differences make one more effective than another given environmental variables.

    2)   Preference for "soaking" the wood so-to-speak with the CA glue vs using as little as possible (as I've noted both approaches in discussions here).
    3)   Treating the entire pinblock, vs treating only those pins which absolutely will not hold tune, leaving the remainder for possible future attention.

    When responding, please leave a little "blurb" regarding your (general) location and climate (relative humidity conditions particularly).    I'll compile them in a little spreadsheet and see if any patterns become noticeable.

    It will be interesting to see if we can discover any "trends" with regard to climate.

    Timothy Edwards
    Beckley WV