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Chapter Reccomendations?

  • 1.  Chapter Reccomendations?

    Posted 02-01-2019 20:21
    Hi all,
    i recently moved from NJ, where I attended the highly active Southeastern Pennsylvania chapter, to the open country of Western Kentucky. The biggest value of the PTG is in my experience is the local chapter meetings. Unfortunately, I'm too far away to practically join any chapters near my current location, so I'm looking for a chapter that is currently broadcasting their chapter technicals online. I'd like my annual dues to go to a chapter that is moving forward in this way, and I'd love to benefit and share my experience with them. I know John Parham and crew are doing something along these lines, are there any others?

    thanks all!

    Phil Stewart, RPT
    NJ Piano Service

  • 2.  RE: Chapter Reccomendations?

    Posted 02-02-2019 17:05

    "PTG - Expand your horizon - Share the vision:
    Providing Quality Service for the World's Pianos

    Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest, 'til the good is better and the better is best."

    To schedule an appointment online click here http://bit.ly/2ErRaav

    George W.R.(Bill) Davis, RPT, SERVP
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    2315 Rocky Mountain Rd NE
    Marietta GA 30066
    (770) 778-6881

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