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Upgrades at NY Steinway?

  • 1.  Upgrades at NY Steinway?

    Posted 01-27-2019 17:04
    Interested to hear if any techs. have been to the selection room at the NY Steinway factory  very recently, I hear there have been small changes in '"fit and finish" cabinetry  possibly more akin to  Hamburg B's and D's, curious if they will or have yet adopted Hamburg  belly rail mounted sostenuto. If you have been there on clients or schools behalf what  choices were there in the number of pianos available?, I hear that the "newer" styled cabinetry models have been selling and being selected over the traditional cabinets but not sure if it was this alone that was the determining factor.

    Martin Snow
    Boston MA

  • 2.  RE: Upgrades at NY Steinway?

    Posted 01-28-2019 21:44

    Yes, I have reasonably authoritative information that they are "homogenizing" the case designs patterned after Hamburg. And YES, they are adopting the belly rail mounted sostenuto system...finally.


    Peter Grey
    Stratham NH