FS: Vintage 1920s Tuners Journals - History of us!

  • 1.  FS: Vintage 1920s Tuners Journals - History of us!

    Posted 02-11-2019 17:06
    Selling my large collection of vintage piano technicians magazines.  I'll group them by age, and prices within in each group will be the same.  This group includes "The Tuners Journal" from the 1920s.

    Full disclosure - these old journals have been digitized and are posted on this website, but there's nothing like holding the actual hard copy in your hand, and in my view they're much easier to access on your bookshelf than on your computer!

    See  photos for samples (in libraries on this website), but these give only a smidgeon of an idea of the wealth of material in these lovely old journals!

    Loaded with technical articles, advertisements, letters to the editor, question & answer columns and more.  Many photos and hand-drawn illustrations.  Fascinating stuff for anyone interested in pianos, history of the PTG, technical publications and organizations, early advertising and illustrations of bygone eras and such like. They are fascinating to pore through for the quaint old ads, illustrations, and writing style, but they also contain the wisdom of our piano technician forebears, much of which has been forgotten by us!  Loads of great old advertisements for pianos, technician tools, and player pianos which are at their peak sales during the 1920s.

    Each issue is about 7" x 10" and they vary from 40 to 48 pages.  
    They are in good condition for their age, but some have been written on and show more signs of handling.  No pages missing as far as I've seen. They are all very readable.

    This group consists of 53 issues of The Tuner's Journal, published by NAPT - National Association of Piano Tuners.  Each issue is a great keepsake or memento for yourself, or a unique gift for customers, friends, and other people in the trade.

    Each Journal is $8.80, or buy 10 for  $75; a substantial discount of $7.50 each, plus shipping cost which will be calculated when you place your order.  Note - current copies of the Piano Technicians Journal sell for $12.50 per issue.

    Here are the ones I have:
    1924 - March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November - 9 issues
    1926 - January through December; 12 issues.
    1927 - June through December; 7 issues
    1928 - February through December - 11 issues
    1929 - June, July, October, November, December - 5 issues
    1930 - January through August, November - 9 issues

    You can specify which issue(s) you want, or let me choose for you.  Orders will be filled on a first-come, first serve basis.  After you place your order to larry.lobel@gmail.com I'll send an invoice via Paypal - even if you don't have a Paypal account you can pay with your credit or debit card. 

    Larry Lobel RPT
    San Francisco chapter