Index to 1946-1957 The Piano Technician

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    Posted 02-22-2021 20:40
    As you may or may not know, Paul Brown has been digitizing early journals of piano technology, including the journals of one of PTG's predecessors, ASPT, called The Piano Technician. (There are also earlier journals, back to 1913, and early Piano Technicians Journals, 1958-1960). Those can be accessed, one month at a time, and either downloaded or viewed on line, from the library of the Tuner Technician Magazine Archive community.

    You may also know of the effort to create an on line, searchable index of the 1979-present Piano Technicians Journal, under the leadership of Jason Kanter. John Baird heard of this project, and he sent an index that had been created by Frank Emerson with John's help. It includes author, article title, keywords, page number, and issue date for The Piano Technician from 1946-1957, and the Piano Technicians Journal from 1958-2000.

    The portion that covers The Piano Technician from 1946-1957 can now be found in the library of the Tuner Technician Magazine Archive community. This will make those journals much more accessible. The excel spreadsheet needs to be downloaded. The articles have links that will lead you to the issue in which they appear.

    We tend to think of older technical stuff as archaic and misinformed, but in fact there is a lot of good stuff there. Take a look!

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    University of New Mexico
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