• 1.  Re the torn up felt

    Posted 04-07-2021 20:31
    Thanks to ALL. This has been a very informative set of emails.

    Confession: the many 'hands' that have been in this piano are mine, and that's because it is my piano, cost only $3000 (not that there is any 'only' about  3K my budget); was bought used but played well until I decided to become a piano tuner.

    Yes I did use the long mute strip to tune it. Seemed like an okay idea.

    After my first tuning, I noticed the damage to the mid-mid-range dampers, and thought it could not be too hard to replace them, especially only just a few.

    Since then a series of events probably started by the fact that I couldn't get a tech's account with Yamaha and when I did they still took forever to fill my orders, resulted in my trying to use a few of the very high-dampers to replace the mid-range ones I could not get from Yamaha. That's why you might notice in the photo that there are six missin dampers at the very top.

    Then covid hit and I realized it was going to be a long time before people started hiring me to tune their pianos.

    So I went through and tried to do all the basic stuff--new whippens, new hammers, a new bass-string, and so on.

    But those mid-range dampers never got back to working right.

    I still cannot get Yamaha to actually fill an order for me. The proper felt for that piano would be a great idea, but the whole process has been one of 'making do' with generic parts.

    Onward and upward, though! I am hopeful that I can at least get the piano back to the point where all the keys play a musical sound that stops quickly enough that I can convince my wife that I DO still know how to play the thing!

    I am terminating this thread at this point.

    Thanks to all.


    Hank Mooney
    San Francisco CA