upright keys bouncing on return

  • 1.  upright keys bouncing on return

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 05-16-2021 19:02

    A client shopping for a high-end upright encountered a piano she liked very much except for one thing: the keys bounce upon return. This condition feels weird, looks weird and inhibits repetition.

    I was not present when she played this piano, but had her check for (excessive) lost motion. That does not seem to be an issue with this piano..

    The keypin contact points on the keys (balance rail bushings, balance pin holes and front rail bushings) all seem to be a bit looser than I would prefer, but not excessively loose.

    If the piano with this issue was a grand, I would check keyframe bedding, but alas, it is an upright (although a $70k+ upright!).

    Thoughts on possible causes and remedies are welcome.



    Alan Eder, RPT
    Herb Alpert School of Music
    California Institute of the Arts
    Valencia, CA