Photos of the felt dampers that are shredding

  • 1.  Photos of the felt dampers that are shredding

    Posted 04-06-2021 20:05
    Note the one damper that is 'new'--the upper (in the picture) felt is literally coming apart.

    Note the low-midrange dampers that are ORIGINAL--they are not shredding. They look to my unpracticed eye as though they are made of a different kind of felt. Note how they are holding the impression of the strings they have been damping.

    Note how the same dampers that are clearly shredding, actually look nice and neat when they are carefully position in the piano. But when they raise from the string, the shredding will cause them to raise irregularly.

    Note three hi-range dampers, which are (I THINK) originals. Starting to shred.


    Hank Mooney
    San Francisco CA