fortepiano tech academy at Cornell

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    Posted 05-11-2022 09:29
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    Hi all,

    The Cornell Center for Historical Keyboards will be hosting a fortepiano tech academy on July 30-31, in conjunction with the 2022 Forte/Piano Academy.

    This is aimed at young pianists who'd like to learn about the historical performance options of the instrument; the tech academy is intended mostly for piano technicians who want to learn more about servicing and maintaining those historical pianos.  The tech academy will be formatted much like a PTG conference, with four 90-minute class periods on Saturday and two on Sunday; instructors will be Ken Eschete and myself.  It's a very good deal, $450 registration includes the classes, two nights lodging, and breakfast and lunch both days.  For more information see the attached pdf. 

    The fortepiano academy, for pianists, is expected to be a regular event, perhaps every other year, possibly annual, and in the future the tech academy will be baked in from the start.  This year we added it rather late, and I apologize for the very short timeline.  In order to make it possible to offer a meaningful hands-on experience, the attendance is limited to ten participants.

    If you have an interest in these wonderful and varied historical pianos, please join us!

    Ken Walkup