• 1.  Felt quality query

    Posted 04-06-2021 14:45
    The felt dampers on the midrange of my Yamaha upright keep shredding to pieces.

    I notice that the low range dampers are made of sterner felt. They never shred.

    But the midrange dampers that look so nice and neat when they have just been installed start to shred, sometimes within days.

    I live in a humid climate--San Francisco, land of picturesque fog, which means land of air-bound water, a lot of it salty.

    But if you say the humidity is the problem, the truth is I cannot move in order to make my piano happy.

    I do use dehumidifiers.

    But if the dampers on the bass strings are sturdy enough to last in this climate, why are mid-range dampers of the same sturdier felt not available?

    When I buy dampers for midrange, they are never made of the stronger felt.

    Could I actually USE one of the bass dampers to replace a mid-range damper?

    Hank Mooney
    San Francisco CA