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  • 1.  Martin Mersenne

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 10-01-2021 16:48
    Hello all.

    I need a RCT tuning file for a Martin Mersenne single 8 harpsichord.

    Does anyone have one?



    Dave Conte

    University of Tennessee
    Knoxville TN
    Owner: Rocky Top Piano

  • 2.  RE: Martin Mersenne

    Posted 10-02-2021 14:11


    It's on the free Well Tempered app. along with 7 variations, in case you can't get the RCT file and are in a bind. 

    Memorie Schultz
    Piano Technician, Texas State University
    San Marcos TX

  • 3.  RE: Martin Mersenne

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 10-02-2021 15:06

    This is a great question Dave. I've been using Cyber more & more these past couple of years-however, I've never used it for harpsichords. I always used the Accu 3 (with no stretch..just turn it on & go) or Tune Lab. Tune Lab is FABULOUS for harpsichords while we are on the topic! Lots of non-equal temps already in it…right at your fingertips. For equal temperament and no stretch on Tune Lab you just use it with out taking any readings…it's just a flat line accross when you look at the "tuning curve". 

    If you do not have either of these machines, and unless someone chimes in that Cyber has all this too…I highly recommend getting Tune Lab. The University will PROBABLY pay for it in your situation. Keep us posted my friend!! 

    Kevin Fortenberry
    Registered Piano Technician
    Longview, TX 75602

  • 4.  RE: Martin Mersenne

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 10-02-2021 15:40
    RCT often has trouble obtaining adequate samples to create a harpsichord tuning file, most often because A5 isn't loud enough to register or doesn't sustain long enough to read. 

    RCT does have two preloaded harpsichord tunings in the library, in the Harpsichord folder. One is zero stretch tuning with exam partials (which will give you what will basically be a nearly zeroed non-stretch tuning, the other called Beaupre Clavecin, which has minor stretch built in (not quite 2¢ in the upper treble, the bass stretched by zeroing on the 4th, then 2nd partial). Either will work fine. 

    For those harpsichords I was able to sample successfully, the stretch was close to that of the Beaupre, with all offsets within 2¢ and most within 1¢.

    I haven't found that that minor bit of stretching is really needed, practically speaking, and I typically tune using a free ($3.99 or so) app. Since PitchLab ceased to function (no longer supported), I switched to AiryWare, which works very nicely and has lots of temperaments and whatnot built in in case that is needed.
    Fred Sturm
    "Criticism is easy. Art is difficult." Philippe Destouches