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    Posted 12-10-2020 23:08

    In these days of next to no live performing, I recently had the opportunity to do a live-stream make-up for a concert that was cancelled this summer. It was for the Meadowlark Music Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska, which was doing a Latin American emphasis this year. They like the performer to interact with the audience.

    So I came up with an introduction to each piece, with musical examples played at the piano, then played through the piece, all in my own home studio (the piano is a Baldwin M). Minimal technical equipment: a video camera with a Rode mic attached, then ran the video through Movie for Mac to equalize the levels between talking and playing. I think it came out pretty nicely. Hope some will be interested and will enjoy it.

    Federico Ibarra, Sonata #3 ("Madre Juana"), three movements

    Arturo Márquez, Días de Mar y Rio

    Heitor Villa-Lobos, Ciclo Brasileiro, four movements

    Ibarra and Márquez are both alive and well, living in Mexico.

    Fred Sturm
    University of New Mexico
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