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what to do about this bridge

  • 1.  what to do about this bridge

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 03-26-2021 20:24
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    I'm considering restringing a Yamaha grand with corroded strings, possibly from cats. In the last octave, it appears that many strings have created grooves on the bridge.
    The photo should make this obvious, but also look at the one groove left by the broken string. I don't have experience or expertise doing bridge work--what does this require?
    Recapping or duplicating the bridges? I believe this is only occurring on the top octave, where some of the worst rust is.

    Scott Cole, RPT
    Talent, OR

  • 2.  RE: what to do about this bridge

    Posted 03-27-2021 07:44
    Send it to Jim Watson for duplication.

    Memorie Schultz
    Piano Technician, Texas State University
    San Marcos TX

  • 3.  RE: what to do about this bridge

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 03-27-2021 11:35
    I generally pull the pins in the capo area, sand the bridge top flat leaving the grooves visible (IOW minimum removal of wood), clean up the notches as needed, and replace with same size new pins, having applied thin CA in the holes before driving pins - I do it maybe 2-3 unisons at a time, applying CA in each hole and then driving those pins.

    Generally, this is adequate. Check downbearing first to see that it would be somewhat positive, at least not negative. It will end up the same as it is now, so you can check using the strings that are in place using a DB gauge. 

    One could cap that portion of the bridge, which requires removing pins, routing to the depth of the proposed cap, plugging the holes, gluing the cap, marking for pins, drilling for pins, notching, etc. It's a good bit of work that requires some skill, but certainly doable. No need to replace the whole bridge.