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Baldwin (from China) Vertical VBar Buzzes

  • 1.  Baldwin (from China) Vertical VBar Buzzes

    Posted 12-03-2018 18:00
    Today I encountered a Baldwin BP1 with "zinging" strings in the 5th octave.  If the piano atlas app is accurate,  the serial number indicates that it is a Chinese Baldwin built in 2015.  Tapping them one way and then the other seemed to reduce but not eliminate the noise.  Not having the time today to lower the tension on the strings of four unisons and then file the V bar,  I shelved it for a later date.

    After discussion with another technician, the questions arose:
    -What about a loose washer on one of the plate screws?
    -Does the action bracket have a spacer like those on the Wurlitzers?

    I can go back and check the piano for those possibilities but the really natty question is:

    -Is it possible that the pressure bar screws are loose due to improper drilling?  

    That showed up on another brand of upright from a particular period but I don't know about the Chinese Baldwins.   How would one test to see if that were the source of the buzz?   Has anybody had a similar experience?   Is there a "go to" tech for Baldwin who would be able to shed some light on the subject?

    Thanks for your help.

    Jack Lofton, RPT
    Seattle, WA

  • 2.  RE: Baldwin (from China) Vertical VBar Buzzes

    Posted 12-03-2018 19:01
    Could it be shallow notches on the bridge causing the buzzing?


    Jon Page

  • 3.  RE: Baldwin (from China) Vertical VBar Buzzes

    Posted 12-03-2018 22:02
    Baldwinpianos.com offers a contact page but it does not provide a link for technical services.
    Gibson sold the brand to a holding company a year or so ago. Seems like it's just another stencil piano at this point.
    I'd start with the bridge too and see if the V-bar screws are torqued down evenly.

    Steven Rosenthal
    Honolulu HI


  • 4.  RE: Baldwin (from China) Vertical VBar Buzzes

    Posted 12-03-2018 22:12
    It could be a lot of different things. These are not great pianos in regards quality control.  You could spend a lot of time and effort chasing this down, and maybe find it but maybe not. If you can find it you may be a hero but if you don't, you may end up in the dog house through no fault of your own.   If the source does not become apparent fairly quickly, the client is apt to get disgruntled with you and your work and the bill which you have to present to them for your time.

    I suggest telling the client to talk to the dealer and have them deal with it.  It should be a warranty issue. After all, the piano is not functioning as it was designed to.

    Jurgen Goering

  • 5.  RE: Baldwin (from China) Vertical VBar Buzzes

    Posted 12-04-2018 02:25
    I was in error on two counts, it's baldwinpiano.com not "pianos"; and Gibson does still own Baldwin. Gibson is in chapter 11 proceedings as is it's subsidiary Baldwin.

    They do still have a 10 year warranty for what that's worth.

    Steven Rosenthal
    Honolulu HI


  • 6.  RE: Baldwin (from China) Vertical VBar Buzzes

    Posted 12-04-2018 14:08
    Indeed it could be many things. One of these pianos I have seen (Stealth action, i.e., the action parts were all sprayed black,) had buzzing, and the bass nut was so wide, it was hitting the winding on some bass strings.
    Good luck!

    Joe Wiencek