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Light and portable, Cordless Adjustable Action trolley and Regulating table

  • 1.  Light and portable, Cordless Adjustable Action trolley and Regulating table

    Posted 18 days ago
    In the "Shameless Commerce" department, a few years ago I posted a video of a highly portable, adjustable action trolley, regulating table, and string height gantry that I designed, built, was using and loving. I was initially considering producing a small run of them. I got a lot of nice comments, in a simple market survey, and some threats of interest. However, I thought about it, and decided not to produce it, as it needed to be more expensive than I thought the market could stand. Because of the price,I thought I would have to go into endless marketing mode, and I'm not up for that. The setup has turned out to be a game changer for me, in terms of ergonomics, precision, and speed...I love the entire rig. Proof of the pudding, my son, a newbie, first time regulator, turned out a completely professional regulation on his maiden voyage using the rig.

    Fast forward a couple of years, last year, I received a call from a tech who really wanted the rig. I mentioned the price I needed to make sense producing it, which is $3500...more than what the video says...which I why I decided against trying to market it. He said he was fine with the price. I still sat on the request for a year. He called back recently, to bug me about making him one, so we are producing one for him...he really wants it. If there are folks out there who may want one as part of this short run, I wanted to let folks know I could make them one, while we are producing this requested rig.

    So here is the video I posted as part of the regulation table thread. Contact me privately if you are interested. Sorry for the Shameless commerce...but commerce is shameless.

    Jim Ialeggio
    Shirley, MA
    978 425-9026

  • 2.  RE: Light and portable, Cordless Adjustable Action trolley and Regulating table

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 2 days ago
    Every technician who does a lot of regulation needs to consider the physical wear-and-tear of handling grand keyboards without much helpful equipment.
    I'm sure most techs regret not having been more careful with their ways of working over the years, once things start getting more difficult. This table look like it helps in two ways, 1) there is no lifting or carrying of a grand keyboard during regulation and 2) regulation can be done with healthy ergonomics. Very good.
    If you regulate much, you know that having a table even an inch or two off-height from a keybed can cause wrist and shoulder issues from lifting heavy keyboards with arms outstretched. It catches up with us after 15+ years, at least me...
    I would consider purchasing this table - even though I have a shop and can fabricate things. For every piano technician more busy with concert work and less built-out with a shop, I think this type of table would be a career-saver.
    Once when I was working for a university, I built an action table specifically at the height of most Steinways. It had wheels so that I could move keyboards out of rooms and down to the piano technology shop for work. But it was clumsy compared to Jim's here.

    Tom Wright, RPT