1919 Pleyel upright tune to lower pitch?

  • 1.  1919 Pleyel upright tune to lower pitch?

    Posted 12 days ago
    i have a customer with a studio upright Pleyel from 1919 and they said their previous tuner said it could only be tuned to A4 at 434cps
    Since i had not seen this brand piano before, i decided to raise the pitch just a little and it ended to be at 436cps (at A4).  No problems.

    My question is: was this piano designed to be tuned to a lower pitch?  It has a full plate, the strings are individually strung, agraffes from A0 to A7  (85 key keyboard), not a lot of corrosion on strings or at tuning pin: just a tat.

    Thank you,

    Petrus Janssen
    Peachtree City GA