PTG History

The Golden Hammer

The Golden Hammer is the highest award bestowed by PTG. It is presented each year to one outstanding PTG member who has made a definite and permanent change for the better, by many years of outstanding contributions to PTG and the piano industry, for service and dedication above and beyond the call of duty. Candidates must have contributed more than 20 years of service and dedication.

The award trophy has been meticulously constructed since 1969 by a series of skilled members of PTG. Many recipients have donated their trophies for display in the Jack Wyatt Museum.

One side of the Golden Hammer display.

Wendell Eaton, 1972
Allan Pollard, 1973
Steve Jellen, 1977
James Burton, 1978
1983Ernie_Juhn.jpgErnie Juhn, 1983
1991_Richard_Bittenger3.jpg1991Richard_Bittinger.jpgRichard Bittinger, 1991
1992Fred___Mimi_Drasche.jpg1992Fred___Mimi_Drasche2.jpgFred and Mimi Drasche, 1992
1993John_Travis.jpgJohn Travis, 1993
1997Jess_Cunningham2.jpg1997Jess_Cunningham.jpgJess Cunningham, 1997
2000Roger_Weisensteiner.jpgRoger Weissensteiner, 2000
2001Kelly_Ward2.jpgKelley Ward, 2001
2004Gary_Neie2.jpg2004Gary_Neie.jpgGary Neie, 2004
2007Jack_Wyatt.jpg2007Jack_Wyatt2.jpgJack Wyatt, 2007