Books by Author

Adams, Frank  Presto Buyers Guide 1926
Alfred Howe Scientific Piano Tuning and Servicing          1941 & 1947
Alico, John  Introduction to Magnesium and its Alloys 1945
Almstead, Francis & Tuthill, F. R. L. Radio Material Guide 1944
Am. Steel & Wire Co. Nerves of Steel-The Story of American Piano Wire 1936
American Physical Society Physical Review, The          1915 & 1927
Americana Corp. Americana, The 1930
Anderson, H. Emerson Electronic Organ Handbook 1960
Anderson, Miles H. Teaching Apprentices and preparing training materials 1949
Andreas, A. T. History of Chicago vol. I 1884
Andreas, A. T. History of Chicago/ Vol. II             1857-1871
Andreas, A. T. History of Chicago/ Vol. III             1872-1885
Avner & Hannah Carmi Immortal Piano, The 1960
Babbington, Charles Tuning and Repairing Pianos 1902
Barbour, J. Murray Tuning and Temperament 1953
Bateman, Newman & Selby, Paul Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois/ Vol. I & Vol. II 1905
Beck, Conrad Microscope/ Part II, The 1924
Begun, Semi Joseph Magnetic Recording 1949
Beihoff, Harms, Kastenholz, Jones Music Dictionary and Essential Fundamentals 1932
Berger, Melvin Science of Music, The 1989
Bie, Oscar  History of the PianoForte and PianoForte Players, A 1966
Boles, Don Independent Piano Technician, The 1968
Bourguès, Lucies & Denéréaz, Alexandre La Musique et La Vie Interieure 1921
Bradley, Van Allen Music for the Millions: The Kimball Piano and Organ Story 1957
Briggs, G. A.  Musical Instruments and Audio 1965
Briggs, G. A.  Pianos, Pianists, and Sonics 1951
Brinsmead, Edgar History of the Piano Forte                    1870?
Briskman, Barry Amateur Radio License Guide 1959
Broadhouse, John Student's Handbook of Acoustics, The 1881
Camp, J M Making, Shaping, and Treating of Steel, The 1919
Carhart, Thad Piano Shop on the Left Bank, The 2001
Cattell American Men of Science/ 8th Edition 1949
Cattell, James American Men of Science/ 5th Edition 1933
Clarke, Hughe Clarke's Harmony on the Inductive Method 1880
Closson, Ernest History of the Piano 1947
Coate, Dan  Teacher's Guide for Dan Coate's Piano Library
Cooke, Nelson  Mathematics for Electricians and Radiomen 1942
Cowan, Lester Recording Sound for Motion Pictures 1931
Crandall, Irving B. Theory of Vibrating Systems and Sound 1926
Crombie, David Piano 1995
Crosby Brown Collection Metropolitan Museum of Art/ Handbook No. 13, The 1904
Crowhurst Maintaining Hi-Fi Circuts 1957
Crowhurst Understanding Hi-Fi Circuts 1957
Culver, Charles Musical Acoustics 1956
Culver, Charles Musical Acoustics 1941
Culver, Charles Musical Acoustics 2nd Edition 1947
Dent Philosophy of Music, The 1924
Dept. of the Army Electrical Fundamentals (Alternating Current) 1951
Dever, William Straightening of the Chicago River, The 1926
Dietz, Franz Rudolf  Das Regulieren von Flugeln bel Steinway 1963
Dolge, Alfred  Men Who Have Made Piano History 1913
Dolge, Alfred  Pianos and Their Makers          1911 & 1972
Donelson, James  Piano Rebuilders Handbook of Treble String Tensions 1977
Donington, Robert Instruments of Music, The 1949
Dorf Electronic Musical Instruments 1954
Eby, Robert  Electronic Organs 1953
Eger Technological Dictionary in the English and German Languages          1882 & 1884
Eisenhower & Tyzzer Mechanical Method of Measuring Sound Pressure, A 1929
Engel, Carl Musical Quarterly, The 1940
Ernst, Friedrich Uber das Stimmen von Cembalo Spinett Clavichord und Klavier 1977
Eshbach, Ovid Handbook of Engineering Fundamentals 1936
Fallows-Hammond, Patricia Three Hundred Years at the Keyboard 1984
Faust, Oliver C. Piano Tuner's Pocket Companion, The 1902
Faust, Oliver C.  Organs  1949
Feaster, C Raymond Dynamic Scale and How to Tune It, The 1958
Fenner, Klaus  Bestimmung der Saitenspannung des Pianos 1959
Fine, Larry Piano Book/ 1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions, The 1987
Fischer, J. Cree Piano Tuning Regulating and Repairing 1907
Funke, Otto Das Intonieren von Pianos und Flugeln           1953 [1977]
Funke, Otto Das Klavier und Seine Pflege: Theorie und Praxis des Klavierstimmens           1946 [1958]
Funke,Otto Piano and How to Care for it, The 1961
Galpin, Francis Old English Instruments of Music 1911
Galpin, Francis W. Textbook of European Musical Instruments, A 1937
Gammond, Peter & Clayton, Peter Dictionary of Popular Music 1961
Geiringer, Karl Musical Instruments 1945
Gidens, Larry  Rebuilding the Player Piano 1963
Gilbert, Paul et al Chicago and Its Makers 1929
Glover, Ellye Howell  How the Piano Came To Be 1913
Goetschius, Percy Theory and Practice of Tone-Relations, The 1902
Good, Edwin Giraffes, Black Dragons, and Other Pianos 1982
Greenfield, Jack, RPT History of Midwestern Piano Manufacturing, A 1996
Grew, Sydney Art of the Player Piano, The 1922
Grew, Sydney First Book of the Player-Pianist, The 1925
Gurlik, Philip Piano-A Piano Technician's Guide for the Piano Owner, The 1984
H. Behlen & Bro. Inc. Art of Wood Finishing, The 1947
Hammacher, Schlemmer Piano & Player Hardware Felts & Tools 1848
Hammacher, Schlemmer Piano and Player Hardware Felts and Tools 1848
Hansing, Siegfried Das PianoForte in Seinen Akustischen Anlagen           1909 [1950]
Harding, Rosamond E.M. Piano-Forte: Its History Traced to the Great Exhibition of 1851, The 1933
Harding, Rosamund Origins of Musical Time and Expression 1938
Harry Partch  Genesis of a Music 1949
Heinrich, Max Correct Principles of Classical Singing 1910
HelmHoltz, Hermann On the Sensations of Tone 1954
Helmholtz, Hermann von Die Lehre von den Tonempfindungen           1913 [2007]
Hepokoski & Kramer Gifts of Music, The 1999
Herzog, H. K.; Schimmel, Nikolaus et al Piano Nomenclatur: deutsch-english-français-italiano-norsk-español 1983
Hoefler, Donald Carl Basic Audio Course 1955
Hopkins & Rimbault Organ: Its History and Construction, The 1877
Howe, Alfred H. Piano Tuning and Servicing          1941 & 1947
Hubbard, Frank Three Centuries of Harpsichord Making 1965
Hughes, W. E.  Modern Electro-Plating 1923
Ingallis, Walter Renton Metallurgy of Zinc and Cadmium, The 1903
Irwin, John Thomas Oscillographs 1925
Jaques-Dalcroze, Émile Rhythm, Music, and Education 1921
Jeans, Sir James Hopwood Science and Music 1937
Jorgensen, Owen Tuning 1991
Junghanns, Herbert Der Piano und Flugelbau          1979 & 1952
Keeley, William J. Player Piano Pointers 1917
Kellner, Herbert Anton Wie Stimme ich Selbst Mein Cembalo? 1976
Kent, Earle  Musical Acoustics, Piano, & Wind Instruments 1977
Kent, William Kents' Mechanical Engineers' Handbook/ 10th Edition
Kent, William  Kent's Mechanical Engineers' Handbook 1923
Kimball Laboratory and Vocational Furniture 1930
Kinsky, Georg Geschichte der Musik in Bildern 1929
Kirschner, Frederick Encyclopedia of Band Instrument Repair 1962
Klavarskribo Institute What is Klavarskribo? 1947
Kloeffler, Royce  Principles of Electronics 1945
Knight & Wulpi Veneers and Plywood 1927
Knox, James  Salesmanship and Business Efficiency 1925
Koch, A.M.  Dealers' Trade Listing of Pianos and Their Makers/ 1941 & 1962 Edition           39,48,65,72
Koehler & Thelen Kiln Drying of Lumber, The 1926
Koehler, Arthur Properties & Usage of Wood, The 1924
Krehbiel, Henry Edward PianoForte and its Music, The 1911
Kresge, Don U. What is Your Piano All About and Allied Subjects 1974
Kurk, Dennis  Piano Repairing for Beginners 1977
Kurk, Dennis  Piano Tuning A Practice Guide 1971
Lacroix, Adrien & Ragot,, Charles L. Graphic Table Combining Logarithms and Anti-Logarithms, A 1942
Leighbody, G.B. Methods of Teaching Industrial Subjects 1948
Levitch, Leon Twentieth Century Romantic Temperament, A: L'Artiste Doit Aimer 1984
Liebermann, Richard K. Steinway & Sons 1995
Lloyd, Llewelyn & Boyle, Hugh Intervals, Scales and Temperaments 1963
Loesser, Arthur  Men, Women, & Pianos 1954
M. Schulz Co. Tuner's and Repairman's Manual 1922
Macfarlane Phonograph Book, The 1917
Macgreger-Morris-Henley Monographs on Electrical Engineering/Vol. II 1936
Magnusson, Carl Edward Alternating Currents 1926
Manley, R.G. Waveform Analysis 1945
Marcus, Abraham Radio Servicing: Theory and Practice 1948
Marcus, William & Levy, Alex Elements of Radio Servicing 1947
Markus Television and Radio Repairing 1953
Mason, Daniel Gregory Orchestral Instruments and What They Do, The 1908
Mason, Merle Piano Parts and Their Functions 1977
Mason, Merle PTG Piano Action Handbook/ 2nd Edition 1971
Mason, Merle  Piano Action Handbook 1971
Mason, Merle H.  Piano Parts and Their Functions 1977
Mathewson, J.S. Air Seasoning of Wood, The 1930
Mathushek Piano Mfg. Co. Mathushek Pianos 1931
Matthews How to Understand Music 1888
Matzke, Dr. Hermann Unser Technisches Wissen Von Der Musik 1949
Matzke, Hermann Karl Anton Musik-Geschichte der Welt im Überblick 1949
McFerrin, W.V. Piano - Its Acoustics, The 1972
McLachlan, N. W. Noise, a comprehensive survey from every point of view 1935
McShane, Chas  One Thousand Pointers for Machinists and Engineers 1900
McTammany, John Technical History of the Player 1915
McTammany, John Technical History of the Player, The 1915
Michel, N. E.  Michel's Organ Atlas 1969
Middleton Generators 1955
Miessner, W. Otto Your Need of Music 1926
Miller, Dayton Clarence Anecdotal History of the Science of Sound: to the beginning of the 20th Century 1935
Miller, Dayton Clarence Science of Musical Sounds, The 1916
Miller, Dayton Clarence  Sound Waves: Their Shape and Speed 1937
Miller, George Laing Recent Revolution In Organ Building, The 1913
Miller, Hugh M.  History of Music          1947 & 1953
Mills, John  Fugue In Cycles and Bels, A 1935
Monypenney, J. H. G Stainless Iron and Steel 1931
Morse, Philip M. Vibration and Sound 1936
Musical Science Library Mysteries of the Piano
N.A.M.M. Bar Code Guidelines for the Music Products Industry 1990
Newman, Ernest Piano-Player and its Music, The 1920
Norton, Edward Quincy Construction, Tuning, and Care of the Piano-Forte 1887
O.D. Weaver Kimball Method for the Piano Forte 1897
Olson, Harry F. Musical Engineering 1952
Olson, Harry F. & Massa, Frank Applied Acoustics 1934
Ord-Hume, Arthur W. J. G. Pianola-The History of the Self-Playing Piano 1984
Orion Research Co. Orion Blue Book 1993
Orr, William Ittner Radio Handbook, The 1959
Palmieri, Robert Encyclopedia of Keyboard Instruments/ Vol. I The Piano 1994
Parry, C. Hubert Evolution of the Art of Music, The 1920
Pfeiffer, Walter Vom Hammer 1948
Pfieffer, Walter  Taste und Hebeglied des Klaviers 1920
Plaskin, Glenn  Horowitz 1983
Pope, Niran Bates Story of Felt, The 1946
Potosky, Alice  Testimony To Music 1986
Prout, Ebenezer  Instrumentation 1877
PTG Conference/Chicago Piano Tone Building/Vol. I             1916-1918
PTG Conference/Chicago Piano Tone Building/Vol. II 1919
Raman, C. V. Bulletin No. 11: The Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science 1914
Raman, C. V. Bulletin No. 15 1918
Raman, C. V. Bulletin No. 6: The Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science 1912
Ratcliffe, Ronald V. Steinway & Sons 1989
Reblitz, Arthur  Piano Servicing Tuning & Rebuilding 1976
Renner, Louis  75 Jahre 1957
Renner, Louis  Renner
Richardson Acoustics of Orchestral Instruments and of the Organ, The                      1929
Rider, John FM: An Introduction to Frequency Modulation 1940
Riemann, Hugo  Handbuch der Harmonie und Modulations Lehre 1917
Roberts, Dave Calculating Technician/Journal Issues              9/79-4/82
Rocard, Yves Dynamique Generale des Vibrations 1943
Roell, Craig H Piano In America 1890-1940, The 1989
Ross Home Piano Tuning 1931
Sabine, Hale I. Less Noise Better Hearing: an outline of the essentials of architectural acoustics for the practising architect and engineer / prepared unter supervision of Hale I. Sabine, chief acoustical engineer, the Celotex Corporation. 1941
Sanderson, Albert E.  Sanderson Accu-Tuner Operating Manual 1989
Scharff, Robert Complete Book of Wood Finishing 1956
Schimmel, Nikolaus Piano Manufacturing An Art and A Craft 1995
Schimmel, Nikolaus Piano Manufacturing-An Art and a Craft 1990
Schimmel, Nikolaus Piano Manufacturing-An Art and a Craft 1984
Schimmel, Nikolaus Schimmel: Ein Unternehmen Stellt Sich Vor 1984
Schmeckel, Carl D. Piano Owner's Guide, The 1947
Schmeckel, Carl D. Piano Owners Guide, The 1971
Schonberg, Harold Great Pianists, The 1965
Schwamb, Peter & Merrill, Allyne Elements of Mechanism 1904
Seashore, Carl Psychological Monographic-No. 69, The 1914
Seashore, Carl University of Iowa Studies/ Vol. 2 No. 4
Shaw, Walter & Kay, Edith How to Start Your Own Business 1945
Simplex Player Action Company Simplex Player Action
Skinner, Ernest M. Modern Organ, The 1917
Slocum, S. E. Noise and Vibration Engineering 1931
Smith, Hermann Art of Tuning the Piano-Forte, The
Smith, Virgil Your Piano and Your Piano Technician 1981
Smith, Virgil  New Technique for Superior Aural Tuning 2005
Speller, Frank Newman Corrosion, Causes and Prevention 1926
Spillane, Daniel Piano, The 1893
Spillane, Daniel Piano: Scientific, Technical, and Practical Instructions, The 1893
Spillane, Daniel  History of the American PianoForte 1890
Spurr, Josiah Edward & Wormser, Felix Edgar Marketing of Metals and Minerals 1925
Srangways, A.H. Fox  Music and Letters 1940
Standard Player Action Company Principles of Player Action Operation
Stanley, Douglas Science of Voice, The 1929
Steinway, Thomas People and Pianos 1953
Stetson, Raymond & Fuller, F. L. Diphthong Formation 1930
Stewart, George Walter & Lindsay, Robert Bruce Acoustics 1930
Strauch Bros. Manufacture of PianoForte Action Its Rise and Development, The 1904
Strutt & Rayleigh Theory of Sound, The 1926
Sullivan, Anita Seventh Dragon, The 1985
Sumner, William Organ: Its Evolution, Principles of Construction and Use, The 1952
Swett, George Construction of Alignment Charts 1928
Taylor, Sedley  Sound and Music 1883
Terwilliger, Gordon Piano Teacher's Professional Handbook 1965
The Aeolian Co. Duo-Art Reproducing Piano, The 1927
The Am. Society of Piano Tuner  Tuners' Digest, The             1942-1945
The Report Growing Up Complete 1991
Tiemann, Hugh  Iron and Steel 1933
Tovey, Charles Francis Musical Articles From the Encylopedia Britannica 1944
Travis How to Tone Regulate Newly Installed Hammers In a Grand
Travis, John Let's Tune Up 1968
Travis, John  Guide to Restringing/ 1st Edition, A 1961
Travis, John  Guide to Restringing/ 2nd Edition, A 1982
Turner, James Pianocorder Story, The 1978
Tyndall, John  On Sound 1873
Tyndall, John  Sound 1867
Tyndall, John  Sound/ 3rd Edition
Van Cleave, Emerson S.  Music Guyed and Handy Reference 1956
Van den Borren, Charles Sources of Keyboard Music in England, The 1913
W.H. Barnes Contemporary American Organ, The 1937
Watson, Floyd Rowe  Sound 1935
Wedgwood, James Ingall Dictionary of Organ Stops 1907
Wei, B. H. l & Anhorn, Victor John Plastic Horizons 1944
Weick, Charles William Elementary Mechanical Drawing 1915
Wessell, Nickel, & Gross Illustrated Catalogue of Piano-Forte Actions 1893
White, William Braid Piano Playing Mechanisms 1925
White, William Braid Piano Tuning and Allied Arts          1938 & 1917
White, William Braid Piano Tuning and Allied Arts 1964
White, William Braid Theory and Practice of Piano Construction 1975
White, Wm. Braid Player Pianist, The 1910
Whitney, Craig R. All the Stops: The Glorious Pipe Organ and Its American Masters 2003
Wilson, Frank Tone Deaf and all Thumbs? 1986
Winternitz, Emanuel Keyboard Instruments in the Metropolitan Museum of Art 1961
Wolfenden, S. Art of PianoForte Construction, The 1975
Wolfenden, Samuel Treatise on the Art of PianoForte Construction, A 1916
Wood, A.B.  Textbook of Sound, A 1930
Wood, Alexander Physics of Music, The 1961
Wood, Lawrence Robert Pianos Anyone? 1977
Yasser, Joseph Theory of Evolving Tonality, A 1932
Young, Philip T. Look of Music, The 1980
Zahm, J. A. Sound and Music 1892
Zucconi, Bruno & Clifford, Martin Probes 1955
Zwick, George Oscilloscope, The 1954
Aeolian Player Piano Operation & Troubleshooting Handbook
American Society of Piano Technicians/ 9th Annual Convention
Biographical Dictionary and Portrait Gallery/ Illinois Volume
Clavier/ A Magazine for Pianists and Organists              Oct. 1980
Clavier/ A Magazine for Pianists and Organists  1962, 1970, 1980
Course of Study for Piano Tuning Technology 1962
Directions for Erard Actions          1853 & 1953
Ein Chronik Des Hauses Bechstein Bis Zur Gegenwart
Emil Fries Piano Hospital and Training Center
How to Test and Regulate the Auto Deluxe, Welt-Mignon, Reproducing Piano
Michel's Piano Atlas 1957
Musical Instruments in the Metropolitan Museum 1978
National Cyclopedia of American Biography/ Vol. IX, The 1899
Piano Nomenclatur Asian
Sunday "I Scream, You Scream": The Hartford Courant              Aug. 1974
Tuner's Magazine, The
Tuners' Journal             1923-1929
Tuners' Journal, The              Feb. 1948
Tuners' Magazine, The 1916
Tuners' Magazine, The 1916