2020 Donations

As a non-profit 501(c) (3) the Foundation relies on private contributions. If you would like to support our efforts with a donation,  please  Click here.

We thank the following individuals and groups for their generous contributions to the general fund and the disaster relief fund during 2020. 

January 1 - December 31, 2020

General Fund

Platinum ($500 and above)

Anthony Hulme
Connecticut Chapter #064 in honor of Joyce Meekins
SW Florida Chapter #337
Washington DC Chapter #201
Brooks Grantier
Mr. Allen R. and Mrs. Audrey V. Wild
Glenn Yost in honor of Claude Harding
Gold ($250-$499)

Atsundo Aikawa
Walter Bagnall
Melanie Brooks in honor of Joyce Meekins
George W.R. Davis in honor Andrea Hackbarth, Education Chair
         And Mike Reiter, CAUT Chair
Claude Harding in honor of Fred & Marilyn Raudenbush
Carl Lieberman
Joyce Meekins in honor of Wendell Eaton
David Stoneman
Robert Zoschke in honor of Claude Harding
Silver ($100-$249)

David Andersen

Charles Ball
Timothy Barnes in honor of the future of PTG
Frederick Bath
David Bender
Willem Blees in honor of Melanie Brooks
Phil Bondi in honor of Dale Probst
Kwok-Kuen Cheng
Dave Davis
Bruce Dornfeld
Carl Eisenstadt
William Faller
Timothy Farley in honor of Paul Revenko-Jones
Phillip Ford
John Goode
John Granholm
Yat-Lam Hong
Margaret Jusiel, Shane Lother, & John Parham in honor of Paul Dempsey
Henry Kopek
Zachary LaMotte 
Daniel Levitan
Charles Maddox, Jr in honor of William W, Maxim, II
Jonathan Moberg in honor of Robert Rockwell and Richard Kingsbury
David Shearer
Bruce Stevens in honor of Donald Mannino
Patrick Stone
Fred Sturm in honor of Andrea Hackbarth
Michael Travis
Lucy Urlacher in honor of Ernie Pruitt & Greg Hulme
Ruth Van Dine
Lisa Weller

Bronze (less than $100)

Tallahassee Chapter #323

Peter Acronico
Minnesota Twins in honor of Houston Astros (Malinda Powell)
Joseph Bacica
Nicky Bainbridge
Torger Baland in honor of Charles Frustruck, RPT
Amy Banovich-Tiernan
Christopher Barlow
Barbara Bernhardt
Steve Blasyak
Jonah Blaustein
Norman Charles
Rick Demske
Richard Doerfler
Daniel Eberhardy
Robert Edwardsen
William Edwardsen
Joshua Eyler
Steven Fair
Glenda Fletchall
Makito Fujimoto
Steve George
William Grogan, Jr in honor of William Grogan, Sr
Philip Gurlick, Jr
Wesley Hardman
Arturo Hendel
Janet Stow Hirsh
Kimberly Hoessly in honor of Benjamin Wiant, RPT
Robert Hohf
Daniel Holstein
David Hughes in honor of Greg Hulme, RPT
Gordon Johnson
Margaret Jusiel in honor of George W. R. Davis
James Kelly, Jr in honor of Ann Swanson and JoEllen Langley
Paul R. Klaus
Ricki Klos in honor of Debra Shiller
Nicolas Lessard
Andrew Lyford
David Mainesmith
Joe Malecki in honor of Carl Meyer and Matt Deffley
James McCormac
Michael McCoy
Donald McKechnie in honor of David Betts
Nathan Monteleone
Scott Murphy
Richard Murphy
Laura Olsen in honor of Ann Fell, RPT
Benjamin Palmer
John Parham in honor of Will and Jan Parham
Cecil Parsons
Blue Ridge Chapter #228
John Ragusa
Kate Redding
Christian Rehm
Ronald Riley
Brandon Robertson
John Russo
Steve Sandstrom
Gary Haig Schultz
Cy Shuster in honor of Sandy Roady
Stephen Snyder in honor of Arnold Gillespie, RPT
Carmen Stanford in honor of Women Tech Pioneers
Mark Steiger
Jenny Stokes
Lucinda Stehlow in honor of Dedicated Volunteers
Glenn Sukyer
W. Brooks Taylor
James Tiernan
Douglas Zimmerman

Disaster Relief Fund

Silver ($100-249)
Fred & Marilyn Raudenbush

Bronze (less than $100)
Steve Blasyak
Jenny Stokes