2018 Donations


As a non-profit 501(c) (3) the Foundation relies on private contributions. If you would like to support our efforts with a donation,  please  Click here.

We thank the following individuals and groups for their generous contributions to the general fund and the disaster relief fund during 2018. 

January 1- December 31, 2018

Platinum ($500 and above)
Long Island-Suffolk Chapter
Anthony Hulme
Glenn Yost in honor of Claude Harding

Gold ($250-$499)
Aikawa Atsundo
Willem Blees in honor of Paul Brown
Brooks, Ltd. Piano Products LLC
George Davis in honor of John Brower, William Schell, and Roger Harwood
Edward Foote
William Keller in honor of Willis Snyder
Carl Lieberman in honor of David Andersen
Joyce Meekins in honor of Wendell Eaton
Anthony Thompson
PTG - Connecticut Chapter #064
PTG-Madison, WI Chapter #536 In honor of Robert Hohf and Richard Kingsbury


Silver ($100-$249)
Frederick Bath
James Birch in honor of Bruce Blanchard and Scotty Welton
Phil Bondi in honor of Larry Crabb
Richard Brekne in honor of Newton Hunt
Kwok-Kuen Cheng
Robert Dare
Richard Doerfler in honor of Larry Crabb
Daniel Eberhardy
Alan Eder In honor of Chris Purdy and Mark Stern
A. Carl Eisenstadt in honor of Sandy Alessandro
Timothy Farley
Phillip Ford
John Goode in honor of Jack Wyatt
Brooks Grantier
Sheffey Gregory in honor of the PTG-Central Illinois Chapter
Robert Guenther in honor of Keith Kopp and Bruce Dornfeld
Micahel Gutowski
Kimberly Hoessly
Yat-Lam Hong
Henry Kopek in honor of Fred Tremper
Daniel Levitan
Larry Lobel in honor of William Santaella Del Valle
Charles Maddox, Jr. in honor of John Parham
Gordon Malik in honor of George King
Duane McGuire
Brenda Meng
Jonathan Moberg in honor of Richard Kingsbury
Scott Murphy
John Porterfield
Jonathan Ralinovsky in honor of Central, IL Chapter
Paul Romary in honor of North Bennett Street School
Bruce Stevens in honor of Melanie Brooks
Patrick Stone
David Stoneman
Fred Sturm
Amy & James Tiernan in honor of David Tyrrell and Charlie Hubert
John Tiffin
Michael Travis
Lisa Weller in honor of Bruce Stevens, Mike Cahn, and David Andersen
PTG-Washington, DC Chapter #201 in honor of Stephen Butler
PTG-South Bay, CA Chapter #905
PTG-Chicago, IL Chapter #601

Bronze (under $100)
Peter Acronico
Robert Anderson
oseph Bacica
Torger Baland in honor of Charles Frustruck
Robert Bangert in honor of Fred Hickman
Barbara Bernhardt
Steve Blasyak
Erich Borden in honor of Arnie Gillespie
Christopher Brown
Paul Byron in honor of Larry Crabb
Richard Cadmus in honor of Chopin
Terry Chamberlain
Frank Davis
William Edwards
Dave Erb
Steven Fair
Gregory Freeborg
Makito Fujimoto
James Geiger
Steve George
William Grogan in honor of William Grogan, Sr.
Philip Gurlik, Jr.
Gary Haig Schultz in honor of Ernie Juhn and Steve Fairchild
Wesley Hardman
Arturo Hendel
Sarah Hong Soto
David Hughes
Vincent Izzo
Liu Jian-Chao
Gordon Johnson
Val Jones
Margaret Jusiel in honor of Rick Butler
Jason Kanter in honor of Sheldon Smith
Helga Kasimoff in honor of Bill Kasimoff
Christine Kay
Keena Keel
Tomi King in honor of George King
Edward Klein
Ricki Klos
Loren Korevec
Zachary LaMotte
Debra Legg in honor of Clair Brunkow
Albert Lord
David Mainesmith
Joe Malecki
Edward Martin
Michael McCoy
Donald McKechnie in honor of Ted Sambell
William Motsko
Raymond Negron
Judith Palmer
Robert Parker
William Pelto
Panayotis Pizanis in honor of Mary Burym Boss
Christopher Prewitt
John Ragusa
Fred and Marilyn Raudenbush
Mike Reese
Brandon Robertson in honor of Mike Reese
Jessie Rogers
John Russo
Craig Ryder
Steve Sandstrom
Charles Schuett
Ronald Simmons
Stephen Snyder in honor of Arnold Gillespie
Ryan Sowers
Carmen Stanford
Mark Steiger
Frankie Stephenson
Jenny Stokes
Ashley Turner
John Van Beek
Ruth Van Dine
Laurence Weiss
Robert Zahtilla
PTG-Birmingham, AL Chapter #352


Disaster Relief Fund

Platinum ($500 +)
Sheffey Gregory

Bronze (under $100)
Scott Murphy
Fred and Marilyn Raudenbush