2019 Donations


As a non-profit 501(c) (3) the Foundation relies on private contributions. If you would like to support our efforts with a donation,  please  Click here.

We thank the following individuals and groups for their generous contributions to the general fund and the disaster relief fund during 2019. 

January 1 - December 31, 2019

Platinum ($500 and above)
Connecticut Chapter #064 in honor of George Krippenstaple
Claude Harding in honor of Sandy Roady
Anthony Hulme

Gold ($250-$499)
Washington DC Chapter #201 in honor of Rodney Butler
Baltimore Chapter #212
Phil Bondi in honor of Larry Crabb
John Granholm
Yat-Lam Hong
Atsundo Aikawa
Charles & Shirley Erbsmehl
David Huggins in honor of George King
Brian Mott in honor of Louise Austin & Peter Grunwald
Willem Blees
Melanie Brooks in honor of Sandy Roady
George W.R. Davis in honor of all technicians who passed in 2019
Carl Lieberman in honor of Bruce Stevens
Joyce Meekins in honor of Wendell Eaton
Terence Miller in honor of Wim Blees
Paul Olson
Robert Zoschke

Silver ($100-$249)
Research Triangle NC Chapter #275
New Hampshire Chapter #031 in honor of Ronsen Hammers
Northern Virginia Chapter #223 in honor of Larry Hodge
Christopher Barlow
James Birch in honor of Bruce Blanchard and Sharla Kistler
Bruce Dornfeld in honor of Richard Kingsbury and Darrell Fandrich
John Goode in honor of Jim Geiger
Robert Guenther
Christopher Barlow
Kwok-Kuen Cheng
Vernon Douglas, Jr
Carl Eisenstadt in honor of William Maxim
Steven Fair
William Faller
Timothy Farley
Marshall Hawkins
Liu Jian-Chao
William Keller in honor of the founding members of the Reading-Lancaster Chapter
Ricki Klos in honor of Jack Wyatt
Henry Kopek in honor of Paul Revenko-Jones
Daniel Levitan
Brenda Meng
Malinda Powell in honor of the Minnesota Twins
Frankie Stephenson in honor of Larry Crabb
David Stoneman
Fred Sturm in honor of Ed Sutton
Michael Travis
Lucy Urlacher in honor of Ernie Preuitt
Lisa Weller in honor of Sandy Roady, Home Office Staff and Nick Gravagne

Bronze (less than $100)
Birmingham, AL Chapter #352
Maritime Province Chapter #050
Peter Acronico
Robert Anderson
Joseph Bacica
Walter Bagnall
Amy Banovich-Tiernan
Frederick Bath
John Becker
Barbara Bernhardt
Steve Blasyak
Jonah Blaustein
Kent Busse in honor of Thomas Francis Porter
Norman Charles
Dave Conte
Richard & Anne Doerfler in honor of Steve Hornbeck and Richard Kingsbury
William Edwards
Glenda Fletchall
Makito Fujimoto
Anne Garee
Steve George
Jeannie Grassi in honor of Susan Graham and Gina Carter
William Grogan, Jr in honor of William Grogan, Sr
Michael Gutowski
Gary Haig Schultz in honor of Ernie Juhn and Steve Fairchild
Arturo Hendel
Blaine Herbert
Robert Hohf
Eric Johnson in honor of Crispy the cat
Val Jones
Margaret Jusiel in honor of Ed Sutton
Susan Kline
Douglas Laing
Nicolas Lessard
Andrew Lyford in honor of Clarence "Chip" Farmer
James McCormac
Michael McCoy
Richard Murphy
Robert Parker
Cecil Parsons
William Pelto
John Porterfield
Edwin Quistorff
John Ragusa
Mike Reese
Ronald Riley
Emanuel Sanders
Steve Sandstrom
Katsufumi Seki
Stephen Snyder in honor of Arnold C. Gillespie
Michael Spalding
Carmen Stanford
Mark Steiger
Jenny Stokes
Janet Stow Hirsh
Lucinda Strehlow
Mary Beth Tawes
James Tiernan
James Thompson in honor of Virgil Smith
Ashley Turner
Ruth Van Dine
Zeno Wood in honor of Andrew Saderman

Disaster Relief Fund

Platinum ($500 +)
Brooks Grantier

Gold ($250-$499)
Paul Olson

Bronze (less than $100)
Frederick Bath
Jenny Stokes
David Weiss