How to Begin

Beginner FAQs

What do I need to learn?  

The foundational aspects of what a piano technician must learn might be described as follows:

1. The Tuning of the Piano 
2. The Touch of the Piano (or Regulation)
3. The Tone of the Piano (or Voicing) 

Of course, these are only the beginning. We also work with: 

4. Repairs 
5. Rebuilding 
6. And More! 

How long does it take to learn? 

  • Beginner Level: 3-6 months (grasp of the fundamentals of tuning)
  • Intermediate Level: 1-5 years (clear sense of the skills required for in-home service)
  • Advanced: 5+ years 

How much does it cost?  

Your educational costs, of course, will depend upon which route of study you choose. You will ultimately need around 30-50 different piano tools, and each one will cost $50-$100. Bare essentials to get started can be as little as $100-$200.

How long does it take to tune a piano?  

When you start, it may take you anywhere from 4 hours to 4 days to tune your first piano. With time and experience, you will get faster. Most professionals tune a piano in about 1-2 hours.

What opportunities for work are there? 

Your work may include a variety of different areas in the industry. For example, you could work for:

1. Yourself
2. A Piano Dealer 
3. A Piano Manufacture 
4. A College or University 
5. A Rebuilding Shop
6. A Combination of the Above 

Each of the above areas have their own pros and cons. As you start out in your journey, it is worth exploring each area to determine where you feel you will thrive! The competencies map linked below can give you a feel for what each area might include. 

How do I learn?  

In the following pages, you will be invited to "Create Your Own Roadmap." This will help you map your course of study.