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  • Thanks! That makes a lot of sense. Will always strive to be as efficient as possible! ------------------------------ Benjamin Sanchez Professional Piano Services (805)315-8050 ...

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    RE: Magnetic Leveling

    The problem is that the magnet pulls the strings into plane with one another, when used at the strike point. On uprights, it is a convenience, as putting the piano on its back takes extra effort and room. Also, it matters somewhat ...

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    Magnetic Leveling

    To Mr. Sturm or anyone else who knows the answer: I read your article in the May 2017 Journal on upright voicing, and liked the idea of using magnets. My question is, why don't we use them to help with grand voicing? Is it simply ...

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    RE: Voicing Articles

    There will be an article on beginning voicing in August. ------------------------------ Ed Sutton (980) 254-7413 ------------------------------


  • Thanks everyone for your help. I spoke to Beth this evening and she is going to come take a look at the job. All the best, Steve -- Stephen Snyder,RPT 342 Scott Lake Road Salem, NY 12865 518-854-3888(home office) ...

  • i'll talk to Beth this morning re h'schord in western MA she works Monday's for me here at BU....... ------------------------------ Martin Snow Boston MA 617-543-1030 ------------------------------

  • Call Elizabeth Harris RPT, Malden MA, that's one of her specialities. 518-817-9046 ------------------------------ Patrick Draine Billerica MA 978-663-9690 ------------------------------

  • I don't know if they travel, but either Ann Acker or Ed Kottick are excellent. Ann is down south and Ed is in Iowa. ------Original Message------ Dear Colleagues, A small college I work for in Western Massachusetts has ...