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1.  Roommate needed

Posted 05-20-2017 09:30
In need of a female roommate.  July 11th thru 15th is preferable, but any part of the time will do as well.  I already have a reservation.

Susan Babcock
Fullerton CA

2.  RE: Roommate needed

Posted 07-09-2017 10:47
Does your post mean you have your reservation for Saturday night?  I just realized the people I'm sharing with are leaving Saturday and the person I'm carpooling with is staying until Sunday.  Would you have room for someone Saturday night.  I would even be willing to sleep on the floor.  Thanks.

Rachel Strong
Eagle River WI

3.  RE: Roommate needed

Posted 07-09-2017 12:12
Hi Rachel,

My roommate leaves Saturday night so if you want to share it's fine with me.  Just a warning, sometimes I snore. It's unpredictable, but my best friend says it's pretty quiet. Not sure she knows as she sleeps like the dead. Also, we have a king size bed only. Still happy to share though. 


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4.  RE: Roommate needed

Posted 07-09-2017 14:02
Rachel, our room is reserved from 11th-16th. You don't need another room.

Erica Gilstrap, MM
Gilstrap Music
Altadena CA

5.  RE: Roommate needed

Posted 07-10-2017 08:19
Hi Susan,

Can I join your room? I'm a last minute room-seeker! I arrive tomorrow night (Tuesday 7/11). I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you very much!

Emily Hawkins
Pittsburgh PA