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    It's more time than you think depending on what you do in conjunction. Remove dampers: .5 hours Remove bass strings: 1 hour Measure for new set and place order: 2 hours (if the customer helps move the ...

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    Lots of good replies here everyone. Thanks! Many suggestions I've already covered but many I had not thought of. Which is why I posted here. For the stuff I did not think of. Gonna make notes so I remember ...

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    I find it odd that if the piano was made in 1971, only now is there a complaint about power loss?  Must have sounded really good at one point for someone to buy it. So how could that be a hammer line problem? ...

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Executive Outlook

Dates and Deadlines – Keeping the Membership Informed

Paul Brown, RPT
PTG President

I want to remind the membership that there are new deadlines in place for submitting bylaws proposals. Bylaws revision 2018-02, Article XVI, Section A.2 states, “Deadlines for submitting proposals shall be published ninety-five (95) days before each PTG board of directors meeting.” Chapters, committees and the PTG board of directors may submit proposals according to the schedule below.


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