Disaster Assistance

Our hearts and thoughts go out to each and every person affected by recent disasters. 
There are many organizations, both national and local, which are providing food, water, shelter, and clothing for the survivors. We encourage you to support these efforts.
However, some of our members in the affected areas may need assistance beyond the basic necessities — this is where the Piano Technicians Guild Foundation comes in. If you, or another PTG member you know, has been affected by Hurricane Harvey, please contact the PTG Home Office at 913-432-9975 or contact@ptgf.org.
Learn more about the PTGF Disaster Relief Fund at www.ptgf.org.

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    RE: Tuning Stability

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    Is this some kind of Koan? :-) ------------------------------ Geoff Sykes, RPT Los Angeles CA ------------------------------

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    You wrote: <The flaw with these ideas is their basis in an incorrect acoustical theory. Because it's the vibrating strings that produce the tone, the soundboard simply augments the tone. A fact taken ...

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    Tuning Stability

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    When we arrive at the piano, it is almost always stabile; out-of-tune, perhaps. but usually quite stabile, especially if it has been played a lot. As we begin to move the pitch, first we destabilize the ...

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Executive Outlook

Long-Range Planning –
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Paul Brown, RPT
PTG President

This year’s council meeting ended earlier than expected on Monday afternoon. Council passed Proposal 2, thereby moving the governance of PTG from council to the PTG executive board. The new bylaws state: “Council shall have rights and duties to participate with the PTG board of directors in long-range planning activities.”


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