Disaster Assistance

Our hearts and thoughts go out to each and every person affected by recent disasters. 
There are many organizations, both national and local, which are providing food, water, shelter, and clothing for the survivors. We encourage you to support these efforts.
However, some of our members in the affected areas may need assistance beyond the basic necessities — this is where the Piano Technicians Guild Foundation comes in. If you, or another PTG member you know, has been affected by recent disasters, please contact the PTG Home Office at 913-432-9975 or contact@ptgf.org.
Learn more about the PTGF Disaster Relief Fund at www.ptgf.org.

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Executive Outlook

Communication –
The Rule of Seven

Paul Brown, RPT
PTG President

I was talking to Regional Vice President Bill Davis at the convention in July about communicating with the membership. He asked me if I had ever heard of  the rule of seven.  Apparently, the movie industry came up with the idea long ago and noticed that if they advertised a new production to the public seven times, the message would finally get through.


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