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  • Posted in: Pianotech

    Maybe you should put Technician Extraordinaire on your business card and web site. You deserve it! There are those few rare times when a fine pianist or performer or director thanks you for your...

  • Posted in: In the Shop

    A C7 will have either 20 or 23 bass notes. I do not know the answer about the "B" specifically. As for the bass angles, they are not consistent either. ------------------------------ John Gallen OWNER...

  • Posted in: Pianotech

    Karl's right, the tails on the bass hammers are squared for the bass rake and might not allow for re-arcing for the tenor rake. Loose the lower 3 notes and install whatever you need for the top 3 note...

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Mastering the Waves in Norfolk       
Phil Bondi, RPT
PTG President

Hi, Everyone.

In this May article I am here to remind you of the outstanding lineup of new classes we have coming to the PTG convention in Norfolk this year. 


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