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    Very good exercise. Did you account for stretch using B values? Did you use measured or calculated B values? Did you create different spreadsheets for different size pianos with different inharmonicity?...

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    Larry, our prayers continue to go up for your recovery. Clarence ------------------------------ Clarence Zeches Piano Service Enterprise School of Technology Toccoa GA 706-886-4035

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    I maintain two Essex studio verticals, and recently began tuning them with the Levitan C lever. My experience is like Floyd Gadd's on the Steinway vertical. The pins are tight, and with the C lever...

Executive Outlook

Camaraderie and the Annual Convention
Phil Bondi, RPT
PTG President

Hi, everyone.

I know it’s the dead of winter for most, but it is never too early to start making plans to attend our annual convention and technical institute. This year the event will be in Norfolk, VA from July 20-23. 


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