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    No, I don't try to duplicate dip on the bench. That way lies madness. The value of my technique is that it is not dependent on going to extremes to try to recreate the keybed on the bench. I just need...

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    Mr. Snook, I have read your responses to my questions. I choose to leave it at that. Will Truitt ------------------------------ William Truitt Bridgewater NH 603-744-2277 ------------------------------

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    I was saying that it appears there is a setting to delete them before they ever reach a spam folder. Glad to see it's back. I am out of the office but HL must have contacted the server...

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Flying a Kite
Norman Cantrell, RPT
PTG President


Many of us have flown a kite at least once in our lives. Kites have been around for centuries, with most historical records indicating that they originated in China and spread to other Asian countries before their introduction into the West. They have been used for a variety of purposes over the years, including signals, religious ceremonies, military spotting and even recreation. Most of us are familiar with the recreational aspect of flying a kite.  

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