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  • Posted in: Pianotech

    Hello Tom, Welcome. Inventronics makes a great product called a Sanderson Beat-Rater. I think that you will find it a great aid in learning to tune aurally. To check it out go to

  • Posted in: Pianotech

    Hello Tom - I learned to hear beats by going the pipe organ way. The problem with hearing beats in a piano is the decay factor. With a pipe organ you don't get that. Once mastered you're all set to...

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    Seeking roommate

    I'm either driving or bicycling from western PA and want to share a room Wednesday night on. (Maybe someone from Ohio who could timeshare afterwards?) I'm good company, would enjoy hanging with...

Executive Outlook

Truth Be Told…
Phil Bondi, RPT
PTG President

Hello again, everyone.

The next two editions of Executive Outlook will be a little more difficult than the previous ones, simply because of timing. You’re receiving this in August, but it is being written in June. The next Outlook will be received by all in September, but it will be written just before I head to the PTG convention. 


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