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    I doubt that it was photoshopped. This would not be the only ergonomically curved keyboard ever made, either. Alan ------------------------------ Alan Eder, RPT Herb Alpert School of Music California...

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    Peter< The idea of putting the cloth on top of the slippery stuff. How is this held in place? Strictly string pressure? Especially in the bass with a curved surface? Strings hold it in place,...

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    Chris< How did you determine the differences of friction? By feel .. .that is, by using the highly developed sense, which is about...i don't know...say...70% of what we do when tuning...ie read...

Executive Outlook

Pianos, a life. (Part1) 
Phil Bondi, RPT
PTG President

Hello, everyone.

The subject line above is the theme of this year’s annual PTG Convention & Institute in St. Louis. It is our 60th Anniversary, and we are being joined in St. Louis by our fellow technicians from the IAPBT. I had the pleasure of being part of the last IAPBT convention in Moscow, held in 2015. It will be good to see familiar faces and catch up with these fine people again this year.


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