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    Be sure to double check the action bracket screws. I've run into Steinways with action bracket screws that seem to tighten and yet the bracket feet aren't screwed all the way down, leaving the action...

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    A lot of great answers to this one. I would recommend checking the repetition springs like Paul suggested first, and if that isn't the issue, setting out to check if the parts are rolled in toward the...

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    The Gazelle iOS app is currently under development, is in beta testing, but has not been released for general use. The Gazelle system currently functions as a web application. It is certainly worth...

Executive Outlook

Phil Bondi, RPT
PTG President

In this month’s Executive Outlook, I will discuss a subject that the world seems to be having a problem with at the present time, and that is diversity. I’ll share some personal experience and go into some avenues as the term relates to the Piano Technicians Guild.


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