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    I've had success using a soldering iron to loosen recalcitrant screws in wood: case parts, and old glide bolts. Maybe someone else can speak to whether this is a good idea for screws in a brass rail? ...

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    RE: Book Group

    That's OK Ashley.  It got me to at least check the train schedule.  And Chapter 5.  Would be curious to know how much you're able to cover of the 65 odd pages. Nice idea.  Invite the author? ------------------------------ ...

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    Don Poetker, RPT, is in the list of those missing from the Camp Fire. His house is in Magalia, just north of Paradise. I met Don for lunch six months ago or so and talked with him about piano work in Chico. ...

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Paul Brown, RPT
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This month I want to reach out to RPT members who have not been active at the chapter level. I understand family commitments must come first. However, I would like all members to consider giving back to our organization.


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